Will & Debbie … When love finds you

Timing. It seems to be the key ingredient. Not just in relationships but in everything we do. We can’t always control ‘timing’ or predict what happens next. However what I do believe is that when the time is right, you will be swept off your feet and fall in love (it’s the hopeless romantic in me!).

I think that’s what happened to Will & Debbie. Like they were always somehow near each other but it wasn’t quite time for them to meet just yet. Like they both needed to be elsewhere for a while so they could appreciate each other more when they finally found each other.

Finding home …
I’ve known Will for about 4 years and I can honestly say I have never seen him happier. I’ve seen him in past relationships and I’ve seen him single. However I’ve never seen him “at home” with himself like the way he is now. What I mean by that is … he is probably one of the nicest most considerate guys I have ever met but naturally, for guy it’s hard for him to let his guard down. But when Will is with Debbie, she makes him laugh so much his guard just falls down so naturally.

So grateful to watch the magic between these two!
I confess I haven’t spent lots of time with Will and Debbie alone. So I actually feel very grateful we got to do this shoot together. It was fascinating for Darren and I watch how connected they are. Even when they are not looking at each other or pretending to not see each other, they have this amazing spatial awareness of where each other are. And they have impecable timing with one another. They move at the same micro-mini-second. There is always tension between them.

Darren and I kept whispering to ourselves (they don’t know this hehe) and we were saying “wow they’ve got great timing” … and … “geez you can’t fake that – you either have it or you don’t”. It’s really magical to watch and observe love at such a micro-movement and energetic level (I’m not even sure if that makes any sense!).

So here is Part 1 of Will & Debbie’s engagement shoot. It’s Will’s idea 🙂 and has a “sliding doors” theme. The two of them constantly being within each others ‘circle’ but not seeing each other because timing just wasn’t right …

One of the key tasks I gave both Will & Debbie was that they had chose the outfits each other would wear for the engagement shoot. And the most important outfit Will had to chose was what dress Debbie would wear when he finally “meets her”. He said he loves seeing her in red. It’s his favourite colour for her so he chose this dress for her. I think it’s really sweet – but kudos to Debbie cos it was freezing the morning she wore that dress!

I also love watching how the chemistry changes from when their heart is closed (above when they don’t see each other) to when their heart is open. It makes me wonder if those of us who are not in love are perhaps missing some colour and light in our lives (ps. I really do love my job!).

I actually don’t know what Will is doing above but whatever it is … it’s working : )

Picture above: This is Debbie’s favourite pose. She just likes to hug and snuggle under Will’s chin. So cute!

ps. I’ll upload some more pics on Facebook and next week I’ll blog Debbie’s idea : )

Photographer: Darren Wong
Art Director: Thaoski

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  1. Viva Wedding Photography says:

    Such a good idea for the slightly missing each other engagement shoot. Makes it all the more romantic for it.

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