Sneak Peek: Will & Debs … Sliding Doors

Meet Will and Debbie.

They both grew up in Melbourne. Actually … they grew up in countryside in Victoria. Which is quite different 🙂 They moved in similar circles back home however their paths never crossed. It took them both moving to London (separately) to finally meet each other. This is one of those sliding door stories where they do actually end up happily together.

When I met Will and Debs to go through their engagement shoot, we discussed personal things, what they love about each other etc-. And after 2 hours of probing (I do love that part of my job hehe) it became evident the strength of their relationship lies in how they understand each other, how they make each other laugh and how strong and similar their values are. And although I can’t think of anything stronger to base a relationship on, it’s actually quite hard designing a shoot on “similar and strong values” … especially when those values revolve around family, friendships, relationships and life.

However what did become very evident to me was, this couple likes to have fun. They like to play. They like to laugh. They like to prank and surprise each other (though I do think Debs is better at it if I’m honest hehe).

So the design of this shoot took quite a different turn.

Instead of me theming a shoot for them …
I gave them a task of designing a photo shoot for each other. They had to each come up with 5 ideas for a half day shoot and they weren’t allowed to discuss it with each other or any of their friends. They had to pick the location, pick the outfits each other would wear (not everything went as planned!) and the purpose was to surprise each other.

I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out but I have to say … they both come up with some great ideas and because of how the day was set up (ie. to be a surprise for each other) … the energy on the day was so relaxed, playful and easy going. I will talk more about this couple later … but first here’s a sneak peek of Will’s idea …

Part 1: Will’s photo shoot idea …
Will took the “sliding doors” concept and we captured a series of scenes of them missing each other. It was so much fun exploring timing and space in this shoot. More to come on Thursday. But you did good Will : )

And yes … on Thursday they will actually finally meet each other on my blog …

Photographer: Darren Wong
Art Director: Thaoski

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