Another thaoski experiment

I come up with lots of bad ideas.

Some cliche, some boring, some logistically impossible. And then every now and then I come across an idea that is bad because I don’t know if I can pull it off. And these bad ideas then become “what if?” moments.

To give you some background …
Two weekends ago we were having an “Indian Summer”. The weather was predicted at 28 degrees in October (that’s like a miracle in England!). I had two shoots booked and due to unforeseen circumstances both were rescheduled till November.

I couldn’t let what could potentially be the last sunny warm weekend of 2011 go to waste. So I sent out a tweet offering a free photo shoot – it would be another thaoski experiment (based on one of my bad ideas lol).

Thaoski Experiments
The last experiment I did was back in March with Erin & Chi. I was experimenting with how many locations we could shoot in one day with the one couple and how many ways could we photograph them differently. We ended up shooting for 11 hrs in 5 different locations. You can see locations 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 by clicking on the numbers.

This time I thought … what if we shot two couples in the one location. How would I portray their stories differently. As an art director how would I go about fulfilling the needs of two couples in one shoot.

I confess I was quite worried about the shoot. What if the two couples didn’t get along, what if they were insecure being photographed in front of one another. What if they start comparing each other … or worse start copying each other! And would I be able to give each couple enough focus and attention and capture the essence of their relationship.

To top it off … I then decided I wanted to shoot at sunset in Brighton. So the restriction of time and light became an added pressure. We had to shoot 2 couples in 30 minutes (yep that’s all the time we had for sunset).

Expanding is not always comfortable
Needless to say my photographer Darren was not impressed with me! (hehe). Before the shoot he was like “this was a bad idea, do not do this to me again”. He was right. There was no need for me to put this unnecessary added pressure on him and it wasn’t really fair to expect him to switch between 2 very different couples in such a short space of time.

But experiments are used to expand creativity. I wanted to expand my capabilities as an art director and try new directing techniques (I had so much fun testing new things) … and I guess in a way, I like to push Darren’s boundaries too (I don’t want him getting bored on my shoots hehe).

So in the end I chose two couples who have very different stories. I will be sharing their story and images separately. I learnt so much from working with each couple and can’t wait to share my learnings.

In the meantime here is sneak peak of what’s to come : )

Introducing @laurenbythesea and her fiancé Eoghan

Introducing @MissPainterly and her fiancé Dan

A super big thank you to Darren Wong. Thank you for being open enough to experiment with my crazy ideas and also for being honest enough to tell me when my ideas are crap 😉

Also a really heart felt thank you the following people who retweeted about the shoot when I was looking for a couple: @RobbinsPhoto, @MrsPandP, @EmmaCase, @joannabrownuk, @RocknRollBride, @BrosnanPhoto, @LoveMyDressBlog … I highly recommend you follow these guys, they continuously inform, engage and retweet on Twitter – and their work is fantastic!

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  1. Thanks so much to both of you for all your work and to Claire and Danno for being so lovely! It was such a surreal and magical day we won’t forget xx

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