Thaoski Featured: Photo Professional Magazine

This is a mega-monumental-moment for me.

In late March I said to myself I would love to be featured in a magazine one day. To have my thaoski work featured in print media. To have my message and love for engagement photography spread throughout the UK.

I thought I was dreaming. Aiming too high for my boots. I’m not technically in the ‘wedding’ industry because I don’t do weddings. And I’m not a photographer. So who would want to feature or publish me or my work in a magazine?

And now, 6 months later … here is my first little feature in a magazine!!! I’m so excited to share an article Kat Williams from Rock’n Roll Bride wrote for Photo Professional Magazine where she features my work and art directing ethos along side Ed Peers (whose work I also love!). And my little thaoski booklet “The 7 Biggest Mistakes Couples Make With Their Engagement Photography” also gets a lovely little mention in the magazine.

I feel really blessed to be on this journey and even more blessed I get to share it with you! The issue of Photo Professional is out now (Oct 2011) if you’d like to purchase it and I’m definitely going to get one (or two)!

ps. A really BIG HUGE THANK YOU to Kat – thank you for believing in my work enough to share it

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8 Responses to “Thaoski Featured: Photo Professional Magazine”
  1. Justine says:

    Congratulations Thao, you have reached a really significant milestone and it is just the beginning!! The write-up is wonderful. x

  2. Yes, congratulations, Thao! x

  3. kewpie says:

    well done thaoski!! it always feels good to be published! and double page spread and more too!

  4. Roly Weaver says:

    I have seen your work first hand and I believe you have a truly remarkable gift for story telling through words and photos. The subjects must be really pleased with the outcome – I can tell in their eyes they have a loving feeling.
    Great work

  5. Thea Bredie says:


    You deserve it. You’ve not only got the talent, but you’ve also put in a lot of hard work to perfect your skill, and topped it up with passion to LIGHT THE FIRE IN OTHERS:)

  6. thaoski says:

    Thanks everyone!!! Really appreciate your support : ) don’t think i would have the courage to keep going and trying something new without all your support. X

  7. Sue Ingram says:

    Thao – This is just brilliant – and no way a little mention! Also a beautiful photo of yours is represented. Congratulations and it just goes to show that formal training is only one way in a sector – enthusiam, connecting to your clients and basically loving every minute of what you are doing achieves a whole lot more!!

  8. Thaoski

    I don’t think you should be surprised. You are one of the very few who really ‘gets’ the concept of engagement photography and you create truly professional sets of images. please keep up the good work!



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