Joanna Eden … Beauty in the Land of Plenty

“Some people hear their own inner voices with great clearness and they live by what they hear. Such people become crazy, but they become legends.”
-Legends of the Fall

“Keep your heart open even when it hurts”
– William Whitecloud

“Cloudy with a chance of love.”
– Joanna Eden

“Every single soul is a poem, written on the back of God’s hand”
– Michael Franti

“The goal of life is rapture. Art is the way we experience it.”
– Joseph Campbell

Welcome to Joanna Eden’s Land of Plenty

“Many indigenous cultures had a concept that everything you want already exists somewhere. The Native Americans called it The Land of Plenty – a place where all your hearts desires could be found.”

I’m not quite sure where to begin with this shoot. I don’t even think I understood what this shoot meant to me until I starting laying out these pictures on my blog. I got a bit teary actually. And this has never happened before.

It’s partly to do with the creative process we went through. But mainly because Joanna was so open with sharing what her heart desired. And then last night when I caught up with her, she shared with me what she got from the shoot (it was beyond what I had imagined or expected). And when I think about it, it makes me teary.

What is “The Land of Plenty”?
As mentioned above, “The Land of Plenty” is a place where all your hearts desires can be found. I know that sounds strange but hopefully as I explain the creative process, it will make more sense.

About the Creative Process
Joanna and I (with the help of Warren) went through a meditation process that involved us using our imagination and intuition to visit our Land of Plenty. Basically the meditation process is really designed for you to discover what your heart truly desires – and from this space of ‘plenty’ and abundance you make new choices based on what your heart wants (not what you think you want).

Bringing the future into the present
The Land of Plenty is a very personal space. And for most people, what they find in their land of plenty represents what they want in the future. It’s what they yearn for but it’s not part of their current reality. However Joanna had an idea … what if we did a photo shoot based on her Land of Plenty and brought her hearts desires (that are in the “future”) into the current moment – as if it was real today. To cement a photographic image of the “future” now. That was the idea (how could I possibly say no to such a project?!).

What happened when Joanna visited her Land of Plenty
Very distinct themes came out for her and she made a selection of new choices. I’ve decided not to list the choices here because I don’t think it will make sense to most people. I will ask Joanna to either write or film a short clip explaining what she found there.

But I will share my interpretation of what I saw when Joanna was in her Land of Plenty:

In Joanna’s Land of Plenty she radiates as a beautiful sensual wise feminine woman. Her energy is grounded with American-Indian roots. She lives in a ranch and is immersed in nature. She’s most comfortable at home in soft woolen fabrics. She shares spontaneous animated moments with her son Atlas. She embraces her dark powerful nature like an elegant wild horse. She reflects on her past and how it has shaped her. She loves screening and writing Redemption (her story). Her home is filled with music and her heart is filled with special moments shared with friends who are part of her sacred inner circle. She has a deep love for her husband and enjoys admiring him from afar. It is through her strong nurturing relationships that she can immerse and indulge in the dance of life. Everything in her world is sacred.

What made me cry
When I caught up with Joanna last night I had no idea how this shoot had changed her life. In her head, she originally thought it would be nice to shoot at a ranch to bring the ranch into her life. What you don’t know is that all the images above were actually shot at the home she currently lives in. No she doesn’t own it, but she has dreamt and imagined it into reality. She lives on the estate with her family.The field you see at the end is literally her back yard.

Joanna discovered she already lives in her Land of Plenty. It may not look identical to her visions but it’s actually already there. It was a massive realisation for her (and one neither of us was expecting!).

And the part that made me teary … She said after the shoot she feels she doesn’t want to be anywhere but at home with her family in her Land of Plenty. That she’s no longer looking outside for the next external thing that will make her happy. She just wants to BE at home with her family in her Land of Plenty. And for me as an artist, to be able to give someone that level of certainty about who they are and what they have created in their life (through a photo shoot) – is truly beyond my imagination.

I think my job here is done. Thank you Joanna for bringing me on this journey with you!

I’ll be uploading some more images that didn’t quite make this blog on facebook. Please comment on the blog and let Joanna know if the images of her Land of Plenty connected with you.

Photographer: David Lau
Art Director: Thasoki
Quotes provided by Joanna Eden
Big thanks to those who participated in this project to help capture Joanna’s Land of Plenty: Darren, Atlas, Ryan, Warren and Jack (the puppy).

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38 Responses to “Joanna Eden … Beauty in the Land of Plenty”
  1. Millie Ker says:

    Wow Thao! Now isn’t that the truth! An amazing shoot and an amazing blog! I so love this concept of The Land of Plenty – thank you for introducing me to it. It feels so much more congruent to me than all the current talk of abundance. What a lesson to discover that Joanna realised she already lived in her Land of Plenty – how many more of us are doing the same without realising it! The power of image!

    • thaoski says:

      Thanks Millie 🙂 I was quite nervous about this shoot – trying to explain The Land of Plenty in words! I’m so glad it made sense and that the concept resonates with you 🙂 It’s so beautiful to see it come to life! X

  2. Humaira says:

    Your photographs always have a meaning, and it’s interesting to know how one picture has such such a powerful story behind it. Thanks for introducing the land of plenty. how do you go about visiting it?

    • thaoski says:

      Thanks Humaira : ) It’s a meditation process, I’ll see if I can get the script. Or I might see if I can get her to do an audio recording so I can share it : ) thanks for reading and taking an interest in my work (I always love your comments!)

  3. kewpie says:

    you know how there are some pictorials which look stage and forced? not this one! every detail, every expression, every shade of colour has its place in these pictures.

    • thaoski says:

      Thanks Dex! Coming from a photographer like yourself that means a lot to me!!!!!! We put a lot of thought into creating the environment for Joanna to be natural. It was a ‘less is more’ approach because it was about Joanna in her environment, not the environment itself – I’m learning so much! I’m planning on coming to Oz next year – let’s do a shoot together X

  4. Pollyanna says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I too have been in Joanna’s land of plenty and these photos reflect the warmth and wildness beautifully. Plus you have absolutely captured the essence of her beauty and fierceness. Bloody well done. Also, your photos are wonderful and evocative and connect me to my imagination, in the same way that a story does. x

    • thaoski says:

      Thanks Pollyanna : ) Since you’ve been already there already, the meaning of your words are magnified. I’m so glad you’ve connected to it : )

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    • Skip! Great insight here. Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts. “…Less comfortable in the end…” Yes, isn’t that ironic? It’s so complicated. It was a great conversation. I wish I could have shared every small detail. I’m still chewing on it, and likely will be for a long while. Will be looking out for you at the mall. I will most definitely be there. Wouldn’t be Christmas without the last minute panic. 😉

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      Good point. I hadn’t thought about it quite that way. 🙂

    • http://www./ says:

      This one gave me chills:“Ability to know a good friend will be calling…and to call them a minute before they do.”How amazing you are! How lucky I feel that one day we might get to be that good of friends…your spirit really truly lifts mine, dear Suzanne. Thank you!![]

    • I think there is a film over television bias at play with SW over ST. There's also a good guy bias on that list. As much as I like Han and Yoda, Darth Vader is easily the strongest character in the story to my mind. Mind you #5 is still pretty good.

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  5. vivienne says:

    Phew! So powerful, you take us all on a journey that has us falling in love with Joanna, ourselves and ultimately where we are right now. And isn’t that the space we should all live in. Well done. X

  6. Susie Heath says:

    This is extraordinarily beautiful Thao. SO often we look outside ourselves, searching and seeking for something we think we need. How glorious then when we realise that it is under our nose all the time, and when we notice it, it brings us our heart’s desire and therefore stops that feeling of lack inside. Joanna’s desires have become her reality. I love the way Joanna melds into her world of intensity, sensitivity and nature. This is stunning photography – it takes my breath away. Thank you for sharing it Thao.

  7. Lisa Devlin says:

    The story in these images is beautiful, I am in total awe.

  8. Joanna Eden says:

    How strange to feel so at home yet so indulgent so the same time. I am honoured to be playing with other artists who are solely interested in enhancing, creating and capturing love. 10 years ago my life was a far cry from what it reflects today, being trained in my Intuition & Imagination has enabled me to hear and follow my inner voice and given me the guts to follow it. I am grateful to William Whitecloud and my husband Darren Eden who have trained me and loved me into this life.

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  9. Darren Eden says:

    Congratulations Thao on creating such an extraordinary end result in capturing Joanna’s Land of Plenty. I love the synergy that you, Joanna and David have created together from inception to completion of this project. It has had a profound impact on me not just as Joanna’s husband (I do feel like I’m the cat who ate the canary), but as someone who facilitates people to their Land of Plenty through my Transformation Training it has re-enforced in my heart how valuable it is to be trained in premises and intuition to be able to not only know we have a Land of Plenty but also to have the Will to bring it to life.

  10. Rachel Leigh says:

    Wow! Joanna is such an inspiration and you have captured her magic, energy and imagination! Joanna has an amazing imagination and it is beautiful to hear her story and journey to create and bring her land of plenty to life. Joanna has inspired me to create the relationships in my life that I love and be able to connect with my own heart! Thank you Joanna for being you! We love you xx Thao, you’re work is amazing xx

  11. Thea Allison says:

    Thao and David, you have beautifully captured a vision of a dream of a life that is. I am lucky enough to be a regular visitor to Joanna’s Land of Plenty and she has always inspired in me as I focus on the creation of my own myth, my Land of Plenty. Both Joanna and Darren are an inspiration to anyone who wishes to create what they’d love, in synergy with others – particularly those closest to our hearts. If anyone reading this does not know Darren’s work, please check his website His life is dedicated to family, to fun and to guiding people in the creation of what they’d most love in their lives through an 8-month programme of seminars called the Transformation. If you feel inspired by Joanna’s beauty and the beautiful life she is purposefully creating for herself and her family, and think you’d love it for yourself – well it’s all there for the creating. Lovely work Thao. xx

  12. Pia says:

    It was a delightful journey being present in your Land of Plenty Joanna The ethereal dreamlike quality of the photos reflect the pace of that state. An amazing form that has captured this state. Thanks for sharing this Thao xxxx

  13. Deborah Brill says:

    Absolutely beautiful and so true, both your photographs Thao and David and Joanna’s words. You have captured her beauty and wildness and her commitment to follow her heart. What you three have created here is pure inspiration and expansiveness, thank you.

  14. Tricia says:

    I’d love to share the impact that these beautiful photographs had on me Thao. I’ve worked with Joanna in the magical realms of Transformation and her journey has always touched the very core of my soul.
    You have captured her very essence so masterfully. I contacted her straight away and the result was a beautiful connection that was long overdue!.
    Thank you Thao, you are truly gifted.

  15. Dami says:

    Wow! Such a beautiful story and truly perfect photos! Lovely!

  16. kristin jade says:

    so grounding.

  17. Ings says:

    Breathtaking Thao.. I’m very familiar with Williams work and having visualised my own Land of Plenty, I am so in awe of this blog/shoot. A bit teary myself actually 😉

    .. well Done.. It’s beautiful xx


  18. Cheryl says:

    I just discovered this blog and I’m so moved by the beautiful images and the story of this shoot. Thanks for sharing this creative energy. Love the ideas expressed about the Land of Plenty, beautiful.

  19. Wow Thao, I’ve just discovered this and it’s absolutely stunning! I’ve already done two ‘Land of Plenty’ sessions with clients today, and I’ve got one more starting shortly.. so I ‘googled’ LoP out of curiosity and got this. Thank you so much, both of you – Joanna and Thao for sharing your hearts, creativity and wonderful gifts. These images are sacred poetry.

    Much love,

    Gerri x

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