Mike & Alma … 3 Versions of the “truth”

I must warn you that I know Mike and Alma very well. I love them both. They make me laugh, they make me giggle and it is because I know them so well, I can take them to where I’m about to go …

About Mike & Alma
The thing I love most about Mike & Alma is they are absolutely 100% genuine. They are good people with old fashioned values and they genuinely care about others. They both have such a positive outlook on life and inspire me in so many ways.

What’s true about them … and I mean this in the most endearing way 🙂
When they are together they rarely make sense to me. They are like two labradors too busy having fun, making others laugh, doing silly things, cracking up funny jokes, pulling faces, pouring drinks … that I often walk away … a) not knowing what we talked about and b) wondering how we spoke about ‘nothing’ for so long LOL!

What’s also true about them … and again, I mean this in the cutest most endearing way 🙂
They both very often have different versions of the truth. Not in a bad way. But in a funny way. They can hear the same conversation and both interpret it SO differently. It just makes me laugh!! Half the time when they’re talking to each other I don’t understand them (I’m too busy laughing) … but somehow they get each other and everything works! I honestly can’t think of a couple more ‘made-for’ each other than these two love birds!

So on the topic of … who’s version of the ‘truth’ is right? …

This photographic love story is about “who made the first move” …

Mike likes to claim that Alma was after him and stalking him (LOL!!!). Alma says Mike made a move on the dance floor! Hehe!

I actually don’t know the ‘real’ story. Who allured who? There are always 2 versions of this story so I thought I’d play this one up a bit and throw in a third version! (my version!). I wonder did Mike’s sexy good looks force Alma to make the first move? Or did Alma’s sultry eyes and sexy smile force Mike to giddy up? (ok I know that wasn’t called for LOL!).

This shoot was all about having fun. So I hope these stories make you laugh and put a smile to your face – be sure to comment below & let Mike & Alma know how good they look & what a crazy couple they are! Oh and let us know who you think made the first move. I’m totally betting on Mike!

ps. I’ll be uploading an album of Mike and Alma on Facebook so like the thaoski fan page to see more!

So here they are … three versions of the “truth”.

Story 1: Mike claims Alma was after him …

Was it something like this Mike? Were you just minding your own business and Alma threw herself onto you??? LOL 🙂

Story 2: Alma allures Mike in and he makes the first move …

Or was it something like this Alma? Did you use your sexy good looks, flutter your eye lids and gorgeous smile to draw Mike in? I see what you did here … (LOLLL – I’m so sorry, writing this just cracks me up LOL!).

Go get her Mikey!

Story 3: Or was it more like this … Thaoski’s version (I couldn’t resist!)

Mike you were blown away by Alma’s stunning good looks …

And you tried to get her attention …

But it didn’t work so you had to come up with more ideas …

You decided to act cool, calm and collected …

Eventually she started to come around …

So you declared your love for her …

And she turned out to be a hot sexy minx …

Who violated you slightly …

But it turned out you quite liked it. AND you gave her more than what she bargained for!

And now it’s impossible to separate you both …

Because you guys have decided to get married …

And will one day have babies …

And I’m actually quite worried for the rest of the world LOL!!!

Congratulations on your Engagement Mike & Alma 🙂 You guys rock and I hope this post has brought a big smile to your face! Love YOU!

Photographer: Darren Wong
Art Director & Storyteller: Thaoski
Make up & Hair: Tammi Nguyen
Assistant: Mr J
Location: Sutton, UK

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20 Responses to “Mike & Alma … 3 Versions of the “truth””
  1. Kristie says:

    Gorgeous shots of this crazy couple. Laughed my butt off reading this as I totally remember Mike telling me that it was Alma who had been chasing after him! I guess we will never really know….;)

  2. jojo says:

    awwww this blog made me laugh out loud but it also made me really really miss Mikey and Alma (& you too!)
    LOOOVE it xxx

  3. kewpie says:

    i’ve always found that train stations have a certain romance and charm! especially the older style ones! nothing beats a fun loving couple! makes the pictures so much more alive! great work T!

  4. Alma Roux says:

    Thaoski, you just made us laugh with tears!! LOLOLOLOLOL, yeah, I’m a little scared what sort of offspring we’ll bring into this world… Might turn out to be an orangutan.. taking after Mike of course 😉

    Thanks to an AWESOME day with the Thaoski crew – you guys ROCK!

    Almz xxx

  5. Mike says:

    LLLOOOOLLLLLL!!! I’m cracking up as I’m reading this Thaoksi! That’s hilarious.

    I know the truth is version 1… But, I’m not inclined to go for version 3! I’m sure I acted like that at some point after meeting Alma – actually, I think it was the 1st date 🙂

    You’e done such an amazing job of capturing us and everyone else you do a shoot of. You’re incredibly talented and have attracted a phenomenal team who truly are professionals and you all do it effortlessly.

    Thank you for helping to make this such a special occasion for us. We HAVE to see you in Dec for the wedding.

    And, just to clarify, Alma often pulls faces like she does in the last shot 🙂

  6. Tossie says:

    Our beautiful children! You are right, they were ment for each other and we are so glad and happy to gain a son like Mike!

  7. michelle says:

    Wow these pics are just the best – my favorite of yours shoots so far Thaoski – these 2 lot hot, hot hot!! Love the stories too !!

  8. Star says:

    Such a quirky couple! Love love it.

  9. kristin jade says:

    🙂 perfect pictures for your love story M & A, just love it. The pictures are just beautiful, beaming all over, wishing you guys al the best.

  10. Penny says:

    Absolutely love the pics! Mike & Alma, you both are gorgeous as usual. You’re amazing Thaoski! Can’t wait to see all of you guys again!!

  11. Wow Thao! Another fine job! So much character and so much fun. You’ve done great. I can’t believe how well Mike takes a photo! He has some great shots and Alma looks so different. Her hair is amazing. I love the theme you’ve used. Its SO them! Well done again!


  12. thaoski says:

    Thanks everyone for the comments! As you can see I had so much fun on this shoot!!! No one else could pull this off (or would want to considering that last picture LOL). But that’s what I love about this shoot – it’s uniquely Mike & Alma. If you don’t know them you’ll think they are nuts! If you do know them, you already KNOW they are nuts!!!! Love you guys! X

  13. Jacqui says:

    Version 3 is totally convincing. You’re all over it Thaoski, you’ve seen straight through blatantly false versions 1 and 2 (you heard me Mike and Alma). It’s kind of embarrassing to say it but I am feeling a slight but undeniable twinge of envy that I’m not friends with these guys.

  14. Tammi says:

    These pictures make me laugh every time I go back to them!! LOL. Love the the little captions : )

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