the quirky side to raw

Meet my friend Sara. She’s a raw food blogger and her most recent tag line is:

“crazy raw vegan, suit-wearing professional, fun-loving adventurist, sporadic community volunteer, happy bum wiggler”

I love it! It describes her perfectly : ) I first met Sara when she was a cheese loving Londoner. We’ve spent many good nights dancing and drinking. Road trips. Silly fun memories (some of which I don’t really remember!).

She moved to Boston a couple of years ago and some how we both started blogging. I’m pretty sure she started first and I copied her : ) But Sara has been such a great big support and advocate of my work over the last 10 months. I periodically receive facebook love notes from her – they come out of the blue from no where … so they’re the best kind!

Sara was passing through London a couple of months ago and I managed to catch up with her. Darren (who took these shots) was jet setting to some other part of the world on the same day. We managed to intercept each other for 20 minutes and take these photos.

I really wanted to do a proper shoot for Sara but sometimes timing just doesn’t work out. And you’ve got to work with what you’ve got. We had to do the shoot quick and fast but wanted to make it fun and quirky. And now when I think about … that’s kind of Sara’s approach to her raw food adventures.

She’s a busy ‘suit wearing professional’ and some how manages to make her obsession with raw healthy eating fun and quirky. I love her blog because it’s not serious eating. It’s fun eating (and I’m as far removed from raw and vegan you can get!) … But I still love reading her posts. Seeing what she has to say … and I’m slowly edu-ma-cating myself on healthy eating.

These images were taken to capture Sara’s cheeky fun loving nature and her approach to raw food … but look deep behind the quirky vibes and you’ll see a sensitive side that pops out occasionally – but only if you’re lucky!

To see more of Sara you can …
(i) read her Crazy Raw Vegan Blog
(ii) follow her on twitter: @crazyrawvegan
(iii) connect with her on her Crazy Raw Vegan Fanpage

ps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA!!!! If you read this post on 12 August please wish her a happy birthday!

pps. Thank you Sara for all your love and support. Sometimes your love notes pick up at the exact right time!

ppps. Promise to do a proper shoot for you when you’re next in town!

Photographer: Darren Wong
Art Director: Thaoski

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