a day you wish could last forever …

It’s like going on your first date and wanting the day to last forever …

That’s kind of what this shoot felt like. Or it’s the essence that radiated from Mina and Thai. You know what it’s like when you’re young and in love … you have all the time in the world to just ‘be’ with each other and have fun. No cares in the world. Nothing to think about. No deadlines. Nothing. It’s like so long as you’re together nothing else matters. That kind of dreamy swooped off your feet feeling that we all yearn for but most of us are too scared to feel.

This shoot feels like a high school romance. It feels like they’re in love for the first time. It feels innocent and playful and dreamy. It has this open heartfelt-ness that is authentic and wholesome. And I can’t quite pin-point exactly what that magical element is.

But it’s like they are on this amazing date and are having such an awesome time that they just don’t want the day to end. It feels like the day just goes on and on and on. Like they’re using their love to stretch time. And neither of them want to go home because they don’t want to be apart. So instead they’ll hang out at the beach all day just so they can be together.

I’m usually quite tight with my edits but it felt like so much happened I had to share everything. Just as they’re hoping the day will last forever, I’m hoping I get to watch more of their romance. I want to see more photos. More facial expressions. More LOVE. And I know it sounds a bit cheesy but I just can’t get enough of how much they’re are in love with one another. It’s infectious and it makes me smile.

It gives me hope that a couple can continue to radiate the love of a high school romance even though, in actuality they’ve experienced some tough times apart. Long distance kills most relationships yet it has just brought these two closer together. It’s made them define their relationship. It’s made them define their values. And now they’ve made up their own rules on what’s important in love and in life. And that’s what they’re going to live by.

I think that’s really important and I’m grateful I’ve learnt that from Mina & Thai. When you make up your own rules in love and life … time does stretch forever and your heart does not age (it remains forever young).

I don’t feel like I need to explain much more about this shoot. You can see that Mina lights up Thai’s life. She brings joy and laughter to him with every playful look, every smile and every affectionate gesture she gives him. And Thai … he’s just too smitten he can’t take his eyes off of her.

Enough said. Over to Mina & Thai.

Photographer: Darren Wong
Art Director: Thasoksi
Location: The oldest and dingiest coastal town I’ve been to … Margate

I feel compelled to tell you a bit more about the location. Margate is a small coastal town that Darren has been wanting to do at a shoot at for ages. He kept telling me that the place is so run down and tragic it’s photo shoot worthy. It’s been in the back of my head and it has come up in a few conversations I’ve had with other people. But everyone was saying the same thing. It’s dingy. It’s dodgy. It’s unsafe. And it’s most definitely a forgotten town.

But when we drove through Margate I saw so much beauty there. Amongst the roughness were gems. We actually drove to 2 other coastal towns and Margate with it’s run down dinginess won hands down. I know Mina and Thai were a bit concerned about shooting here but I’m glad they trusted us in the end. There is no way we could have capture this vintage coastal love story anywhere else. There is a parallel that exists between a forgotten town and young romantic love. I think I’ve said enough and I hope I’m making sense!

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2 Responses to “a day you wish could last forever …”
  1. Mina says:

    Believe it or not we are not comfortable about having a photoshoot but it turned out to be such a fun day that we forgot all about it! We as a couple have had our engagement shoots done already and the thought of doing another, had Thai’s stomach churning! On the day, Thao and Darren were so at ease that they made us comfortable in our own shell. Because of that reason, we were able to be ourselves and the photos captured us as how we are. Thao’s attention to detail was an eye opener. She fixed that one strand of hair which was out of place to how the cardigan sat on the shoulder! Darren’s photography is just brilliant. He was able to capture those moments which are very special to us. Together Thao and Darren gave us good vibe and energy! They captured a chapter of our book beautifully… Thank you

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