a mysterious ‘forest beauty’

Following my intuition
I often don’t know why I do things. If my intuition tells me I need to go somewhere, meet someone, do something … I just follow it. It’s bizarre because sometimes people will ask me ‘why are you here’ … and I’ll answer with ‘I’m not sure’.

That’s exactly how I feel about meeting Joanna again. I don’t really know why it’s time for us to reconnect again. We met in February 2010. I was doing a workshop with her husband Darren Eden and throughout the 8 days I was on the course, Joanna and I didn’t talk much (I’m quite shy-ish in real life). But we had this unspoken, instant connection. Maybe we have similar astrology signs. Or have a karmic relationship if you believe in that stuff. It was just one of those instances where I felt like we ‘saw’ each other. And that we’d meet again.

Over the last 15 months our paths haven’t really crossed (except for the odd facebook comment) but over the last few weeks she kept popping into my head. We sent a few facebook messages back and forth. She gave me her number but I never called (timing was off).

Then suddenly on Tuesday I looked at the weather forecast. It said sunny with clouds and rain. And the first thought that came into my head was. It’s time to call Joanna and see if she’s free (strange I know!).

I arrived at her place with David my photographer and I still didn’t really know why I was there. Or who I was there for (I kind of still don’t know if I’m honest). But I did know that if we were going to photograph her it would be in the forest. I remember Darren her husband referring to her as his “forest beauty” and this stuck with me forever.

The many different faces of a ‘forest beauty’
I also knew she had a bow and arrow. She reminded me of the Greek Goddess Artemis (the huntress). There is something wild and natural; feminine and powerful; resilient and sensitive about Joanna. She is exquisitely intriguing and magnetic in real life. Like there is a part of her that will always remain mysterious. That’s why I like the term “”forest beauty” … it implies you could never catch her (the huntress) … she is forever transforming (the way a forest does) … but if you look closely she’s always nearby (beauty).

I actually don’t know if these photos do Joanna justice. What I do know is that in each photo I feel like I’m seeing a different “”forest beauty”. Like each photo represents a different side to her. And before I can work out the pieces of the jigsaw, she disappears. Just like the rain.

Not knowing the why
As to why it’s time to reconnect with Joanna again … I still don’t know the real reason. Even that feels like a mystery. But I’m in no rush to find out why. I think we both intuitively understand there is a bigger picture unfolding. And it’s ok not to know : )

ps. Joanna is the author of children’s book The Chocolate Tree and also writing her first screenplay.

pps. There were so many other great photos of Joanna that I haven’t included here. I’ll add them on facebook later today.

Photographer: David Lau
Art Director: Thaoski

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9 Responses to “a mysterious ‘forest beauty’”
  1. pen says:

    I love the images you have shared here and feel the vision you had really came to life, and I see Joanna as a real “forest beauty” (she is gorgeous!) One of my favourite shoots you’ve featured!

  2. Isa Maria says:

    Wow what wonderfully stunning photos. I love the third one done from the top. It captured a great moment. A split second in time where she looks completely at ease and herself. Love them all.

  3. thaoski says:

    Thanks Pen & Isa. Glad you both liked it 🙂 I have to admit though, she was pretty easy to photograph and direct 🙂

    • Lorene says:

      C’est sûr qu’il y a plein de mouettes là où a peint l&r;tuosartisqe de l’A2 à une époque de sa vie, mais c’est peut-être pas vraiment le sujet du tableau. Tant qu’à faire dans les zoizeaux, j’y verrais plutôt un canari, côté couleur.

  4. i absolutely love this concept!!!! the photographs look lovely!

    • Doc says:

      les putains de compte d&ioh;ap3t9#caire dans le 3ème set entre Federer et DelPotro pour finalement virer Murray à coup de pieds au cul…c'est moche.mais j'aime bien.

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