Erin & Chi … When spring transforms (evening shoot)

It’s official. I hate good byes. No matter how small they are. Or how little they may seem. I prolonge the pain.

Let me explain … Today I will be posting the last shoot from the Spontaneous Spring Challenge. Due to my whirlwind trip to Asia, it’s taken me a lot longer for me to post these shoots. So in a way, I’m happy to finish up this project and I’m looking forward to featuring something new on my blog.

However little did I know during this time I’ve become a little attached to my couple Erin and Chi : ) … I only became aware of this last night when I was procrastinating with this last blog. I’m usually really good at getting stuff done so when I put something off .. I know something is going on.

Stuff you don’t know about Erin & Chi …

Well let’s start with Chi. You already know he’s quite the sensitive kind of guy. Who’s a hopeless romantic. I also mentioned he works out a lot and has these amazing big arms (sorry Chi ­čÖé ) … what you don’t know about him is that he works in the banking industry and spends most of his waking hours in a suit. Why is this important? Because I love a man in a good suit (not always but definitely sometimes!).

Where Chi is most comfortable …
When I was going through his wardrobe it was clear suits was definitely his thing so I made sure we brought one along. I told him if we get the opportunity, I’m definitely going to put him in a suit. At that time I was thinking a nice country manor out in Kent but we ended at a random car park (not quite the same lol). I can tell you now out of the outfits, Chi was most comfortable in this one. He looked sharp and took on the role as ‘the protector’ … kind of like a modern day knight in shining armour. Maybe because it was absolutely freezing! hehe … but you know what I mean right? He’s just got this real masculine quality about him : )

What you don’t know about Erin …
What you don’t know is that Erin is also an avid blogger. Her blog Scrambled Eggs has been going since 2006 and she’s got a good 4.5 years on me so there is lots I can learn from you Erin!

Another thing you probably don’t know about her is that she’s also a freelance photographer. She specialises in food, corporate stills and social events. She has also been shortlisted twice for Photographer of the Year so check out her Sweetpea Photography website.

Initially Erin tried to hide the fact that she was a photographer but of course with email signatures etc-. I knew she was a photographer from the first moment she volunteered for this shoot. I’m finding most of the enquires I’m getting are from people who work in photography (or are a photographer themselves). It’s quite a nice compliment knowing they appreciate the role of an art director but it also raises the bar for me. If I’m doing a shoot for someone in the industry, I’m conscious they’re looking at their experience from multiple angles. And I quite like that … I’m always thinking how can I collaborate with my couples/ clients … how can help them pursue their dreams – whatever that may be.

So Erin – thank you taking the plunge and responding to my tweet that day. I needed a coulpe at the last minute and you were so up for the challenge! If there is anything I can do to help you pursue your passion or help you on your journey, please let me know XXXX


Mahaussive thank you to Darren and Katy for persevering with me for 11 hours on this shoot. For being SO patient with me as we were driving around scoutting locations and all the quick outfit changes! You are both AMAZING to work with! Really big thank you to Erin & Chi for welcoming us into your romantic love story. I’ve had so much interpreting, sharing and revealing the intricate details (and observations) I had about your relationship. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey as much as I have enjoyed your lover story!

The spring challenge was a great success and I’m already thinking of what the next summer challenge will be!!!

So I’m signing off this series with Erin & Chi with an evening shoot called …
“When spring transforms”
… Wishing you both a beautiful couple of months before your big wedding day! XXXX

I like this photo below because it wasn’t meant to be part of the shoot. We were testing the light and I gave them a little blanket to keep them warm while they were waiting. But it’s too cute not to share!

More About the Creative Process

(a) So how did we find the location?
We actually called it a day after the 4th location (we were exhausted) and had dinner around 8pm. And then at dinner, we thought why not try and squeeze in one last location. An evening shoot. Darren lives in Kent so he knew this one car park had lots of lights so we went there.

(b) How did you come up with theme?
No theme other than I was dying to put Chi in a suit : )

(c) How did we get permission to shoot?
Car park was empty and this time it was about 10pm so we didn’t need it.

(d) Biggest Challenge
Two big challenges. Lighting, I’m not a lighting expert so I was a pretty crap lighting assistant (we didn’t think we were going to shoot at night otherwise I would have called in an assistant). Second biggest challenge was the weather. It was freezing and again, we didn’t think we would be shooting this late and didn’t bring any proper coats.

How did I overcome this? With regards to lighting, Darren just had to tell me to move to wherever he wanted me LOL. We cut the shoot short because everyone was too cold.

(e) What I would do differently?
Darren and I spoke about this shoot and we both kind of said we wished we tried to find another location (in addition to the car park) – like an industrial building of some sort. We wish we had more texture and light (even though it was an evening shoot).

Photographer: Darren Wong
Creative Director: Thaoski
Stylist: Katy Chung of Madame Moi

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6 Responses to “Erin & Chi … When spring transforms (evening shoot)”
  1. Erin says:

    Awwwwwwwwww you always say such lovely things about us! What can I say… it’s been a really exciting journey! Every set of photos you’ve published have been so different, so interesting, so beautiful… and there’s no way I could have second guessed on the day what the end result for each location could have been. You’ve kept us on pins and needles and we both LOVE all the photos you and Darren and produced. I’m so sad it’s all come to an end! But time for us to stop clogging up your blog with our ugly mugs and let you move on to new creative challenges! Thank you SO much for choosing us as a couple. We are really very very grateful and very flattered. xxx

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    Erin & Chi … When spring transforms (evening shoot) – thaoski's blog : thaoski's blog

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