Sneak peek … too much light vs. none at alll

This post is just a sneak peak … to see the full photographic love stories click on the links below:
1. Cherry Blossoms
2. Evening shoot in the carpark

This week will actually conclude the Spontaneous Spring Series. I know we’ve got two locations left but when I looked at the edit for the last location (car park) I didn’t feel like we landed enough shots to create a separate story (ie. to post a week later). Just doesn’t make sense for me. So I’ll be publishing both this week.

I’m sorry I’ve been so inconsistent on my blog. I’m working on something pretty exciting for and it’s jus taking up a bit of my time (actually a lot). But I promise it will be worth it.

Cherry Blossoms
So … back to the shoot cherry blossoms. Note to self … white cherry blossoms on a glaringly bright day is not such good idea. Actually this location posed a lot of troubles for us. We only had 20 mins to shoot as they were closing and light was glaringly white. Technically it was quite tricky.

Car Park
Car park at night time. Usual problems, not enough light and inexperienced lighting staff (you just can’t get good help these days ie. me!!! … I have no idea how to bounce an external flash!). We weren’t expecting to shoot at night so Erin & Chi didn’t bring their big coats (it was freezing!). They only had their summer coats on them. So I strongly suggest, no matter what time of day you think you’re going to shoot, always bring a big coat.

The ups and downs of this shoot and I will be revealing more about Erin and Chi. Their real lives.

Cheery Blossoms will go live on Thursday and the car park will be posted on Friday so stay tuned!

And purely just to prove a point … I’m going to post this most ridiculous looking photo of me!!!! Darren was testing the light and I look so odd (what is going on with that hair?!). But the point is … I’m actually wearing 3 scarfs and I was still cold *brrrrr*.

A ridiculously looking photo but one that makes me laugh because we all broke into laughter when we saw this photo … so ridiculous! Thanks Darren, I’ll get you back!

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