More About thaoski … why I’m time deprived

It occurred to me today that my blog posts are generally about two things:
(i) they’re about love and love stories
(ii) they’re about how stressed, crazy and manic my life seems to be.

My blog is a comfortable place for me to express and off load whatever is going on in my world. And the more honest I’ve been about how lost I can get, the closer to home this blog feels.

But it occurred to me to today when I was speaking to the lovely Erika Unbehaun of Flutter Fly Events (an American wedding planner based in London – she’s so lovely I highly recommend connecting with her on twitter and facebook) … it occurred to me that a lot of people assume thaoski and art directing is my full time role.

I’ve also recently received multiple emails from people within the wedding industry (or people trying to break into the wedding industry) asking me how I got started. If you’re curious to know how I fell into and in love with engagement shoots, just watch this interview I did last year.

But I thought I should come clean and explain that although is very much where my heart lies and it’s definitely the love of my life at the moment … it’s not my full time role.

As my first blog mentions, started as way for me to explore my creativity. I never anticipated for it to grow the way it has. And the more time I put into art directing the more creative I seem to become. It’s become insatiable and addictive. I always want to stretch my own boundaries and I get bored with myself and my work so quickly.

But time is a big constraint. I still have a full time role. I work in one of the most amazing marketing and events company in London and we help entrepreneurs become highly valued and highly paid in their industry. The problem with running events is I’m pretty much working every second weekend and often we run events at night (last night I got home at midnight after running an evening seminar).

And I guess the reason why I’m sharing this part of my life is because …
a) I want you to know … If you hear me whinge about not having enough time on my blog and being overwhelmed it’s because I’m trying to juggle a more than full time role (running events is like having 1 & 1/2 jobs) … and keep thaoski going.

b) My blog schedule has been completely out of whack for the past month and I feel really guilty for not being able to post as regularly as I’d like to – I feel like I’m neglecting my creative side : (

c) Just in case you’re like me … doing a full time job you like .. and also pursuing your creative passions on the side. Just know that you’re not alone. Actually if you’re in this same situation as me … make a comment below / facebook me / tweet me / send me an email … I’d love to know who’s in the same boat and maybe we can help and encourage each other on this crazy, overwhelming and often time deprived journey.

I’m just grateful the ‘upside’ for pursuing our passions is producing work that will make a big difference in the lives of others!

ps. I’d really like to hear from you so make a comment and let me know what two lives you are juggling!

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5 Responses to “More About thaoski … why I’m time deprived”
  1. Erika says:

    Wow, Thao! How amazing! This post is so real, and honest. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you. I look forward to many more fun times with you. hugs and kisses

  2. thaoski says:

    So lovely meeting you too! Let’s do some more girly catch ups 🙂

  3. I have really enjoyed reading this post. I too am juggling a full time role whilst trying to grow Bow Occasions and it is comforting to know there are others out there who are doing the same.

    Keep up the good work.

    Louise x

  4. thaoski says:

    Thanks Louise : ) Glad you commented so I know I’m not alone! Had a quick look at your blog. My friend Sacha is a florist in Kent and she’s really busy … maybe I could introduce you both? Here’s a video of her story on YouTube – it’s inspirational!

  5. Anthea says:

    Hi Thao
    I was impressed with your professionalism when I met you and am now also with your writing. You’re very good. I also think everything you wrote about anxiety will help others at some stage on their journeys. Since 1in 5 have problems at any stage in their lives, there are a lot of people out there who need the courage you’ve shown to talk about their problems.
    Anthea (W.A.)

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