What Erin brings to Chi’s life | Yellow Fields Part 2 of 3

So it’s time to tell the second yellow fields story. If you missed the first one you can see it here.

Why tell a second story?
I usually don’t do this. Usually I or my couple have a certain emotion or feeling they want to capture and the story I tell on my blog stays true to that vision and that essence. For example for Sean & Emma’s sad engagement shoot we actually have lots of very happy smiley images but it’s unlikely I’ll ever publish them. Sean and Emma have those images but the love story I tell on thaoski.com stays true to the concept I designed and the story they wanted to tell.

However Erin & Chi’s shoot has become an exception to the rule because it was part of the Spontaneous Spring Challenge. We started the challenge with no expectations and the whole idea of the challenge was to experiment and see how much we can shoot in one day. So here we go …

Yellow Fields Part 2 … The love and light Erin brings into Chi’s life

It seemed unfair for me to hold these images back because it captured another dimension to Erin & Chis’s relationship that I think is so beautiful. It showcases what Erin brings into Chi’s life … which is laughter, light and love. She really lights him up and adds depth and meaning to his life.

I know people fall in love for all kinds of reasons but I read somewhere that a man will only marry a woman if she brings meaning and purpose into his life. Somehow through her presence and belief in him she inspires him to be a better man. And when he’s with her he feels good, he feels content and he feels on purpose.

But this is only one half of the equation. She must also make him smile and laugh and bring lightness to his life (which Erin absolutely does). And through lighting him up and through loving him for who he is, she completes him. So his life purpose then becomes about making her happy. He wants to provide for her and give her the best possible life he can give.

I know that sounds really mushy mushy but somehow for Erin and Chi that dynamic feels very real. Erin does bring a sense of goodness/ wholesomeness/ love into his life that he can’t live without. And I truly believe he will always do whatever it takes will make her happy. Because of her goodness and her love he will strive to be better.

I hope when you look at these images you can see the love and laughter Erin brings into Chi’s life. Enjoy!

Photographer: Darren Wong
Creative Director: Thaoski
Stylist: Katy Chung of Madame Moi

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7 Responses to “What Erin brings to Chi’s life | Yellow Fields Part 2 of 3”
  1. Erin says:

    OMG Thaoski! I got your text saying the blog post was up and went straight online to look…. am now sat at my desk welling up with tears! HAHA! At work! How embarrassing! Thank you so much for the lovely words! I hope I do just that… bring love and light to Chi’s life. I know you’ve got him spot on. He really does do anything he can to make me happy (which he does). What a soppy pair we are haha! The photos are brilliant too!! A real difference to the melancholy shots of the last post! I love them!! 😀

  2. Erika says:

    My goodness, Thao, I really really hope my clients will use you soon! Love love love your work!!

  3. Humaira says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these shots! How stunning and beautiful and a contrast to the sad story before.

  4. Roy says:

    Wow not sure how I got here , but I’m in love with Thaoski 😀

  5. thaoski says:

    Thanks Roy : ) How did you come across my blog? : )

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