The solid sensitive side to love | Yellow fields Part 1 of 3

This shoot is part of the Spontaneous Spring Challenge. To see other shoots that were shot on the same day, check out the barn shoot and Pennypot Woods.

This Yellow Fields shoot will be split into 3 photographic stories and across 3 posts: (a) Somber story (b) Happy story (c) ‘In memory of yellow fields’ story. Be sure to check out all 3 and make a comment and let me know which one you like the most : )

I thought it would be easy …
I have to confess, I thought this week’s yellow field post would be a walk in the park. A quick and easy one I thought – boy was I wrong! I’ll go into much more detail in post 3 (“in memory of yellow fields”) but for now I’ll go straight into why we decided to do some sad somber photos in yellow fields as it’s not the norm for most people.

Many guys for whatever reason don’t like to smile
I’m finding strangely enough, 50% of my enquiries come from guys. And if they don’t come from guys, when I ask the guys (ie. fiance) which shoots they like the most, 9/10 times it’s Sean & Emma’s shoots (the sad one and the one about the affair) or it’s Jose and Paulina’s train shoot. I’m not sure why. But they seem to not want to smile. I guess they’re scared they’re going to look cheesy hehehe.

Chi was no exception and I knew as soon as he said that he liked the sad somber kind of shoot, I knew I could stretch him and Erin into another direction (I secretly get very excited when I hear guys like the darker sensitive side to love because they actually get really into ‘it’ on the day of the shoot). The other reason why I like it is because I know if they like the ‘weirder’ stuff, they’ll also trust me implicitly, which means directing them is SO much easier cos they just do as I say hehehehe.

Same same but different : )
I have already worked on a yellow fields shoot before and I didn’t want to re-do and execute another yellow shoot in the same way or style. Flower fields are so popular and I’ve been asked to shoot lavender again and I’m sure yellow fields will come up again next year. I don’t mind re-doing the same type of location so long as it’s executed differently and the story / intention behind the shoot is different. That was my number one criteria. It’s got to be different and it’s got to capture Chi & Erin’s personalities.

Chi’s solid, calm quiet nature …
On the day Erin told me Chi is really quiet and is definitely the more romantic and sensitive one. I remember walking through their house and all the cute ornaments and features in the house were actually purchased by Chi. He’s this quiet solid guy that is very romantic and sensitive towards Erin’s needs … no matter what she’s going through or what she wants … he’s ok with it (an old fashioned kind of guy :)) That’s definitely my sense of their relationship and I wanted to capture that.

If you look through these photos, I hope you really get a sense of Chi’s calm solid presence. Erin changes in the scenes. Her face changes, her energy towards him changes, she moves between sad and serious … but he very much remains the same – solid and in love with her without actually saying or doing anything … it’s in his presence. His love for her shows up in the way he looks at her, the way he holds her her and the way he kisses her on the forehead. Without saying anything he’s there for her. That’s the essence I wanted to capture in this photographic love story. I hope you like it : )

More About the Creative Process

(a) So how did we find the location?
Yellow fields were everywhere in Kent. We found one and just jumped right in 🙂

(b) How did you come up with theme?
The somber mood was inspired by Chi and although a part of me didn’t want to do yellow fields, I couldn’t resist.

(c) How did we get permission to shoot?
It was an open access field that people were walking through.

(d) Biggest Challenge
Managing the lighting and editing the photos. The sun was semi-setting when we shot these pics. The sun kept popping in and out of clouds which meant the lighting was very different in all the images. It wasn’t consistent and it also meant the ‘yellowness’ of the flowers changed from shot to shot. It changed from bright yellow to a dull yellow haze within seconds. When it came to actually editing and choosing the photos, this became very difficult for me to create a photographic story when the ‘moments’ look like they were taken on different days. Although I love ‘magic hour’ it’s great for capturing pics that are ‘stand alone’ pics – but for photographic love stories … it’s actually quite tricky!

How did I overcome this? Compromise : ) I had to remove some shots I liked from the ‘story’ because they wouldn’t fit due to the colour / lighting change (but I will upload them on facebook).

(e) What I would do differently?
So many things! I wish I could have taken this shoot so much further. It feels a little incomplete for me 🙁 … but something I would have done differently is I would have brought bikes to this shoot! I saw a few people riding bikes in the far distance and really wish I had bikes for Erin & Chi – it would have made it quite a romantic date : )

Will be uploading the happy yellow fields shoot on Friday. Hope you liked this one : )

Photographer: Darren Wong
Creative Director: Thaoski
Stylist: Katy Chung of Madame Moi

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7 Responses to “The solid sensitive side to love | Yellow fields Part 1 of 3”
  1. Humaira says:

    I’m an old fashioned romantic at heart, but I really liked the concept of these photos. Beautiful without being cheesy and I think you captured the couple’s personalities really well. Looking forward to more!

  2. Erin says:

    Chi and I love these photos! I love the actual blog post just as much! You’ve really captured Chi so well… it’s all so true! Lovely lovely lovely blog post and wonderful photos. My favourite set so far! Thanks so much Thaoski! 😀

  3. thaoski says:

    Erin I love that you and Chi love them 🙂 makes my day hearing that.

    Humaira: thank you 🙂 I have to admit I had a pretty good couple to work with 🙂

  4. Hej,Vet inte.. Jag testade igen nu med andra bilder.. Pinsamt nog uppstÃ¥r det problemet igen.Jag valde sida i stället för fil… Men man kanske inte ska välja det?Nu är det bara lilla snäckan jag ska ha… Inte det stora bilden med vatten… Kan du ta bort igen…Förresten. Tack för snabb service…

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