Sneak Peek … Walking in fields of gold

This post is just a sneak peak … to see the full photographic love story, click here >>

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m quite glad my travels are over for now. The last 18 days have been a whirlwind experience that I’ll share more about over the coming weeks in my ‘random thoughts’ posts. And although I’ve had a brilliant time, I’m glad to get back to a routine so I can start blogging properly again and produce some quality work.

It almost seems like a life time ago that I did the spontaneous spring challenge even though it was only a month ago. I still have 3 more shoots to post and I’m thinking about combining a couple of them. I’m still editing so we’ll see what happens.

I’ve jumped around a bit this week and have decided to post the yellow rapeseed fields shoot. It was taken at sunset and you can see how soft the light is. The sun was dipping in and out of the clouds but whenever it was out, we managed to catch these golden moments that I love.

A twist to the yellow fields …
For today’s sneak peak, I’ve showcased Erin & Chi separately because I love these 2 photos soo much. They have an old romantic vintage feel to it. The sun was just so soft and so angelic. We didn’t get ‘magic hour’ due to the clouds but we definitely got magic moments.

But I will warn you though, this photographic love story is a bit of a tragic one. Yep another thaoski-darren somber, sad engagement shoot coming your way. I was very excited when Erin told me Chi’s favourite shoot was Sean & Emma’s sad engagement shoot because I knew if he liked the sad dramatic stuff, then I would have permission to ‘go there’ (really love it when clients trust me explicitly!!!).

Anyway, more photos and more information ‘inspiration behind the scenes’ stuff will be posted on Thursday but I will say I’m SO excited to be posting this shoot – I’m such a fan of the dramatic love : )

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