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Sneak Peak of this week …

If you have read my first blog you will know that I started this journey as a way for me to explore my creativity. I’ve tried to stay true to this purpose as much as possible and it’s funny cos when you throw some attention to a certain area of your life (eg. work, health, romance) etc- … that area of your life starts to grow and you start to attract opportunities that are both challenging and inspiring. Challenging because you’re stepping out of your comfort zone and inspiring because you’re starting to grow.

So why am I bringing this up?
Pretty much because in March I was asked to work on some projects that were really out of my comfort zone. And a part of me is a little reluctant to showcase something different . When I’m on a photo shoot I’m so confident as the art director / director. I walk on ‘set’ and I see the scene … I know what images are needed to tell the story, I know when we’ve captured enough and I know when to move on to the next scene.

But last month, I was asked to be involved in some little short film / video projects. Totally out of my comfort zone (directing film and photo shoots is SO different!). But whenever I hear an interesting concept or idea I can’t help but get involved, even if it means me facing all my insecurities and jumping in the deep end … I guess that has always been my style!

So this week, I’m showcasing another side to thaoski and if I’m honest I’m quite nervous about it. I’ve never really directed film / video before and need to grow A LOT in this area. But as a starting point I’ll be showcasing two, maybe three videos (the third one is still being edited) – all 3 videos are very different and serve a different purpose. I’ll also be uploading some more of “the inspiration of” interviews that I did a few weeks ago.

So this week, a new video will be uploaded every day – sometimes I’ll be in front of the camera (interview) and sometimes I’ll be behind as the director. Either way I hope you like it and would love your feedback (just write a comment below or send me an email / message).

So let’s begin with the first video of the week …


SHOWCASING Madame Moi’s Tea Party
… Romancing the female heart

Living in London nothing showcases the female bond more than an English tea party. I LOVE going to high tea with my girlfriends. I love getting dressed up, wearing pretty dresses, eating yummy hand decorated cakes … it’s the ultimate girly catch up. So when I heard about Madame Moi’s English tea party at home, how could I say no to this project?

“The Madame Moi boutique is an emporium filled with must-have lust-have pieces. With a love for decadence, the theatrical and all things precious, every bespoke creation is a limited one-off.

“Something old. Something new. Never borrowed. Always you.” as Madame Moi’s motto goes, each piece is either hand-crafted using vintage finds, kit…sch and luxury fabrics, or sourced exclusively for you”

I first met Katy, Founder of Madame Moi about 7 months ago. I came as a spectator on one of her accessory photo shoots. I remember walking into the room and seeing all the hair pieces, rings and accessories laid out everywhere (it was seriously everywhere!). My first instinct was to touch, feel and try everything. Even the rings I never would have looked at in the past, I was eager to to try them on because they looked so beautiful and you could tell was made with love.

The Madame Moi Experience
That was my first experience of “Madame Moi” and ever since then, each time I connect with Katy my experience of Madame Moi has grown and flourished. She has this wonderful combination of feminine eccentricity mixed with a nurturing soul and a heart of gold … genuinely caring and crafting each piece with love. Each piece has it’s own story and you feel it when you see it and touch it.

Jewelry and accessories is one of those really kinesthetic things … they carry energy and when something is mass made and produced, it can still look lovely but how you feel when you wear it is completely different. Wearing something that is hand crafted made with love … it takes on a unique energy of it’s own and you feel amazing when you wear the piece. Every item is one of a kind (no embarrassing high street double ups) and she also takes bespoke orders.

The video gives you a taste of what Madame Moi is about …

“Every day wear something that makes you feel divine, be confident in yourself and your style, share precious moments with friends and cherish each other. It’s really a way of life.”

What a great message to be sending out to the world!!!

Madame Moi Bloomsbury Giveaway!!!
Today also marks the 6 month online anniversary of Madame Moi – Congratulations Katy!!!
To to mark this special occassion Madame Moi is giving away one of the hairbands from the new Bloomsbury Summer / Spring range.

To enter, it’s really easy … just do one of the following:

  1. Become a fan of “Madame Moi” on facebook and update your status with this video and tag “Madame Moi”
  2. Follow TheMadameMoi on Twitter and tweet this video and tag @TheMadameMoi
  3. Make a comment on the YouTube Video itself
  4. …. and if you do all three you will triple your chances of winning!

The winner will randomly selected and announced on Friday at 12pm by the Madame herself. It’s a great little giveaway and the Bloomsbury range is gorgeous (also a great present!) … so become a fan, tweet and comment now : )


Producer: Katy.V.Chung of
Cinematographer: David Lau of
Director: Thao Dang of
Editor: Tom Ruddock
Music Composer: Pete Bailey

Hair: Tammi Nguyen|Emma Mei Chung|Katy.V.Chung
MUA: Tammi Nguyen
Styling: Katy.V.Chung

Justine Priestley | Jasmine Tiet | Nicol Pang | Star Kendrick

Hunni-B Bakery

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