Engagment Shoot Ideas: Use CHANEL Perfume Ads for Inspiration

Oooo I’ve been SO excited about sharing this engagement shoot idea cos it has been in my head for a while.

As you know I love stories and I love film. And of course I love romantic films. What you don’t know is I also LOVE perfume ads (I’m actually a lover of good ads in general). But Perfume ads are gorgeous. They’re romantic, fun, sweet, beautiful and the good ones tell a love story. And no one does that better than CHANEL.

Big Budget Perfume Ads
CHANEL perfume ads are like short films. They feature the big names, famous directors and have massive budgets. Each scene and location can be used as inspiration for an engagement shoot (even the ones that last 2 seconds). The ads usually progress quickly and have a fast pace so I pretty much see a photograph opportunity every second (quite literally).

Unlike short films, perfume ads have very little and ‘broken’ dialogue … actually most have none which leaves the viewer to interpret the scene, story and emotions based on what they feel and see. They make the story up in their heads. I love that because when it comes to a good love story, not much needs to be explained because we all secretly want and wish for that kind of romance and magic in our lives. Within 3 minutes, these ads can take us on a full blown romantic journey of fantasy and intrigue.

Indulge …
Watch these beautiful CHANEL ads (I’ve picked the longer versions), pick a scene you like and do a beautiful engagement shoot around it. If you do, let me know. I’m sure it will be truly breathtaking!

ps. Many other perfume companies also do great ads and so some of the perfume billboards are great too! – so YouTube and google away!

1. Nicole Kidman for CHANEL No. 5

This one was probably the one that really got me into perfume ads. I love Baz Lurman and Nicole Kidman. I also love Moulin Rouge because it definitely has that fantasy element about it (sorry quality is not the best).

2. Kiera Knightly for COCO MADEMOISELLE

Modern, fun, chic and mysteries … I Love It!

3. Audrey Tautou for CHANEL No. 5

I appreciated this story so much more when I watched the director’s video below. So fascinating the level of detail he went to achieve the look and feel he wanted!


“Making of Videos” … I love!
If you like the above videos check out the behind the scenes and ‘making of’ videos. Once you hear the directors vision behind a shoot, you get such a deeper understanding and appreciation for what they do. Totally mesmerising!

1. Making of – Nicole Kidman for CHANEL No. 5
2. Making of – Kiera Knightly for COCO MADEMOISELLE
3. Making of – Audrey Tautou for CHANEL No. 5


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3 Responses to “Engagment Shoot Ideas: Use CHANEL Perfume Ads for Inspiration”
  1. Priti says:

    Its great to pull inspiritaion from different sources. Perfume ads are a great source and I find tear sheets are pretty helpful from high end fashion magaziines. Depends on your style though eh!

  2. Totally agree! No.5 with Audrey is my fave! Anything with Audrey is gold!

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