1950s Retro Engagement Shoot: When flirtation is sensual

When I first met Star I fell in love with her dress. She was wearing the exact same dress she was wearing in this shoot. It was so glamorous and elegant on her. The neckline totally blew me away.

My love for the 1950s
I think her dress is what made me fall in love with the 1950s. I love the beauty and sensuality of that era. For both men and women beauty was glamorous, elegant and understated. Dresses and skirts were big and past the knee (definitely no mini’s) and the curve of the waist was accentuated. But more importantly, the number one ‘asset’ that woman would use show off their sensuality and femininity was their shoulders and neckline.

When sensuality is subtle and alluring
I know in the times we live, sensuality or sex is overt and extreme. But I love the thought of being able to flirt only with your neck and shoulders. I know it sounds a little strange but imagine for a moment … that your neckline and shoulders was the only part of your body that could be exposed and ‘expressed’ and you could only use this part of your body to flirt … how differently would you behave?

Your posture would change and become upright, you would probably accentuate your neck by tilting your head more. Turning your head to the side creates another curve or angle. Basically every time you move your head, another angel is revealed and another ‘sign is given’. Whether your flirting or not, how much you expose of your neckline indicates how comfortable you are with the person. Even squeezing and lifting one of your shoulders sends a different message.

All movements are subtle. sensual and revealing at the same time. It’s SO alluring it goes way beyond sexy.

The massive difference from the last shoot
If you remember Kane and Star’s bowling shoot where they are ‘meeting for the first time’ … the flirtation is more in the eyes and the smiles and the looks. Whereas now, the flirtation is totally sensual and the chemistry we have captured is totally different. They look like they are in a completely different stage of their relationship.

Her dress with the deep neckline that reveals absolutely nothing (love that!) and the ever so slight off the shoulder sleeves is so enticing. This whole photo shoot works because of the dress she’s wearing and the neckline she has. The subtle ‘sensual-ness’ … you really just can’t get enough of how she’s flirting with him through her looks and the angels of her neck (totally unconscious of course!). And you can tell he is totally captivated by her.

Take another look …
So … go through the photos again, and look for the neckline. The ever so slight changes in her neck … the way she extends it … the way turns her head. It’s so subtle yet it sends different flirtatious messages. Also notice when one of her shoulders is exposed and how sensual she comes across.

This whole love story is about sensuality of the neck. A little strange but I hope it allures you in. Enjoy!

And just like the 1950s … and then they were gone …

Photographer: Darren Wong
Art Director: Thaoski
Stylist, Accessories & Hair: Madame Moi
Make Up Artist: Tammi Nguyen
Location: London Bowling Alley


ps. Both Star and I fell in love with thees Madame Moi hand knitted super bows! We just had to put them on Star and take some photos! … for your own enjoyment! X

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