Reflecting on March

Wowzas (that’s my new word) … it’s been a really REALLY big month!

I thought I’d write a ‘month end’ post:
a) to recap for myself what happened in March – it’s all a blur and I want to look back one day and actually remember it and …
b) In case you missed anything because there have been quite a few exciting developments on my blog : )

First of all though, I want to say BIG THANK YOU to anyone who has been reading and ‘liking’ my blogs, anyone who has become a fan of thaoski on facebook and anyone who has been tweeting and re-tweeting my posts! It literally took me 6 months to hit 10,000 hits which I only just hit at the beginning of this month (I was totally over the moon by this)

… and now that March is almost over … I have unexpectedly had another 7,500 hits – pretty amazing!! The momentum has been incredible and SO encouraging – I really appreciate all your support online and in person.

So back to the recap on March …

1. New “Photo Shoot Ideas” tab on Thaoski
I’ve added an extra feature and tab at the top called “Photo Shoot Ideas”. I created this tab to separate ideas from actual “photographic love stories” (ie. engagement shoots).

I had a big think about my blog and what I want to do with it and it turns out I’d really love it to be a resource center for couples looking for something creative for their engagement shoot (and maybe even for photographers looking for inspiration). So slowly but surely I’ll be building up this section of my blog and I hope it becomes a place people like to visit for inspiration time and time again.

Changes to Friday Fusions
Every week l post “Friday Fusions” which I launched last month in Feb. From now on though, I will be alternating my Friday Fusions posts into “engagement shoot ideas” and “tips and tricks”. I think to execute a photo shoot you need both. You need inspiration to come up with ideas and then you also a way to execute them. So I hope you like this these new categories!

2. The Launch of “thaoski videos” (also located under “Photo Shoot Ideas”)
I’m actually very shy in front of the camera so this is a big stretch out of my comfort zone! But I have decided to launch thaoski videos / interviews.

I LOVE watching director interviews and the directors commentary on DVDs … so I thought why not create something like that for my photo shoots. Maybe perhaps someone out there would like to know the thought process I go through when designing and creating ‘photographic love story’. But as always, I kind of need your feedback on the videos, if you like them and what you would like to know – so please post a comment 🙂

3. Thaoski in film
OK most of you don’t know this but in March I’ve worked on 3 different short ‘film’ projects. By film I mean, short little videos I have directed this month – little vignette’s. One has been uploaded and I will hopefully blog about it over the next week. And the other two are in the final editing stages so I can’t say much about them just yet. Will post and share and soon as they go live – exciting but also very challenging! So stay tuned for more filmy stuff …

4. Thaoski Published!!!!!

Nothing is more flattering or rewarding than getting your photo shoots featured and I was super duper uber excited that 4 of my photographic love stories have been featured in 3 of the 10 most popular UK wedding blogs this month – including Rock’n Roll Bride who is ranked #1 for inspiration in the UK. Just in case you missed them … here they are:

Thank you so much Kat, Alexis and Lou for loving my shoots enough to feature them!

5. My favourite photos from March …

In case you missed any shoots, here are all the ‘photographic love stories’ for March:

And of course … I have to share my favourite shots (a new one of Kane and Star will be added on Thursday):

Special thanks to the following people who I have collaborated with this month and have made it so richly rewarding: David Lau, Darren Wong, Justine Priestley, Madame Moi, Tom Ruddock, Tammi Nguyen and Hannah Peak.

Anyway … this post turned out much longer than expected!!! Hope you enjoyed the re-cap!!! 🙂
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One Response to “Reflecting on March”
  1. Karen Anderson says:

    Hi Thao so good to reconnect with you after all this time. I have spend about 4 hours browsing through your site and must say I’m very impressed. Just keep it up because from what I can see you are very talented and are giving something very special to the couples you are workign with (and clearly there is a massive personal healing taking place). Wishing you an amazing 2013 – who knows what gifts will be bestowed upon you. Love and warm wishes, Karen

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