Video | Inspiration behind Jose & Paulinas 1940s engagement shoot

The Inspiration behind Jose & Pualina’s 1940s vintage engagement shoot from thaoski on Vimeo.

OK I have a confession to make. Well it’s not really a confession. But this week I’ve gone ‘light’ on my blog. I have still been uploading a new video each day as promised but I haven’t been writing much. I worked out that by the end of this week I have almost worked 19 days straight (in my day job). And I needed a bit of time out to find my centre again. To rebalance as they say.

I realised I had stopped doing the simple things that keep me grounded … like writing my morning pages, going on my artist dates, coffee catch up with girlfriends, getting my hair done (or in this case cut), laundry etc-…. u know the basic things that make a girl happy.

I also ran a workshop with Darren Shirlaw over the weekend who is an absolute business genius. So much so that he has stopped me in my tracks. I’m integrating what I learnt on Saturday and re-evaluating the direction of thaoski – not so much what I’m doing because I love art directing engagement shoots … more … do have the structure there to take it to where I want to go. I’m still processing and the cake is half baked so I won’t go into much more detail. But lots more thaoski planning and exciting things coming up over the next 6 months – so watch out! My blog will be back on form and back in action next week 🙂

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