The Inspiration behind Sean & Emma’s Photographic Love Story

The inspiration behind Sean & Emma’s Photographic Love Story (engagement shoot) from thaoski on Vimeo.

To see the full photographic love story go to:

New STUFF on thaoski!

So today marks the birth of something new at thaoski 🙂 You’ll notice a few changes. I’ve added an extra tab for “Photo Shoot Ideas” and there is a new drop down box to sort out my posts from “Engagement Ideas” from “Tips and Tricks : )

And … of course you can also see this is the first “Inspiration of …” video (I’m a bit embarrassed tbh! I’m quite shy in front of the camera!) … but I get asked alot about what goes into the photo shoots and how I come up with the ideas so I thought I’d share : )

This video will be first of many and I’d love your feedback … Let me know what you like, what you want to see more of etc- … so make a comment below and let me know what you think : )

ps. Sound gets a bit funny half way … will get it fixed :
pps. I thought you might enjoy some random footage we filmed from their shoot (above). I love it : )
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