Love story … Part 1: the first meeting

Ok Star … please don’t hate me for this LOL … and anyone else who’s reading this … please don’t hate me either! LOL

Star has been SO patiently waiting for these bowling photos to go up on my blog and I have decided to split her bowling alley shoot into two blogs. Not because I want to be mean and prolong her waiting but because it makes sense for the story … and for my blog, the story always comes first.

We actually had 2 outfit changes at the bowling alley and the chemistry between the two of them change quite significantly, and for the sake of both scenes / stories I’m going to keep them separate (sorry Star – hopefully you’ll thank me later!).

The awkward but incredibly exciting first meeting
So what’s this photographic love story about? It’s about all the different emotions you experience when you first meet someone and you KNOW there is an instant attraction. You could be in a bar, on the tube, on a plane, in a restaurant … and for some reason, when you talk or look at them … you have this gut feeling “I could really fall in love with that person”.

The great thing about this first meeting is that there is a slightly quirky awkwardness about it. Like when someone looks from the outside, they’re not sure what’s going on because usually the two people are from two different worlds (their lives haven’t merged yet) and something’s there … as an outside observer we almost want to stare to see what happens next. But when you’re experiencing that flirting moment you’re too busy connecting and exploring the chemistry.

I love this photo shoot because it’s quite flirtatious but also very innocent. It really does look like they’re meeting for the first time. He’s taken by surprise by her energy, her freedom, her sensuality, her friendliness. She’s a gorgeous, fun-loving free spirit and she’s genuinely lovely (I’ve been told from guys it’s not always easy to find a gorgeous girl who is open and friendly) …. and he’s taken aback by her. Almost a bit shocked. But he can’t take his eyes off her. She mesmerizes him. He’s hooked and will do anything for her. Even teach her how to bowl : )

Star in real life really is how I’ve described her above. She’s this amazing, genuine, free spirit that just mesmerises people with her smile and laughter!

From her perspective, the first meeting is a completely different experience. She’s drawn to him by the way he looks at her and how solid and genuine he is. He’s a little bit awkward but also quietly confident at the same time. Actually awkward isn’t the right word. He just keeps staring at her (in a non-creepy way) and she feels it. She’s drawn to his stillness and ‘solid-ness’. He’s also really helpful and anything she needs or asks for, he’s there. Always. Somehow, even though this is their first meeting, she feels adored and safe with him. She wants more and more of his attention.

And so the flirtation continues and the story begins ….

Kane in real life has this quiet, solid stillness about him. He’s genuine, down to earth and is confident in a really understated way. He’s the type of guy you wish you were best friends with while growing up. Actually … Star and Kane were best friends first and lovers later 🙂

So …… When you scroll down the images pay attention to the way Kane looks at Star and how Star totally brightens up his face. “Genuineness” is such as strange thing to capture in an image but I truly believe Kane’s genuine solid nature is captured and so is Star’s free, loving, sparkly spirit. Although coming from two different worlds, the chemistry is so strong – you can feel it.

Enjoy! Next week … we’ll have stage 2 of this photographic love story : )

ps. You’ll notice Star and Kane are not ”together-together” in most of these photos … next week you will barely see them apart!

I even love how the last images portray their personalities so well. Star is optimistic about the future and Kane is still reflecting on it! … more to come next week!

Photographer: Darren Wong
Art Director: Thaoski
Stylist, Accessories & Hair: Madame Moi
Make Up Artist: Tammi Nguyen
Location: London Bowling Alley

PUBLISHED: This photographic love story, was featured on ‘Rock My Wedding’ blog.
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12 Responses to “Love story … Part 1: the first meeting”
  1. Diane Priestley says:

    Too gorgeous for words! This cheeky love story is straight out of the 50s!. Who would believe these shots were taken 60 years later in 2011, truly amazing! Madame Moi has done a superb job with Star’s hairstyle and Tammi has got the bold makeup down to a tee! It is stunning how Darren has gone for sharp focus on the subjects with the background in soft focus. Star and Kane look delicious! Thao, yet again, you have created a delightful story!

  2. Paul says:

    What Camera / Lens are you using? Love the Bokeh!

    • Darren says:

      Thanks Paul,

      All the shots were made of a Canon 5D MKII using 35L, 50L and 85L. The actually location was quite dark, so a combination of “semi bounce” to add detail in the face and Shutter dragging to absorb the ambient light was used.

      Hope that helps.

  3. Justine says:

    Love this shoot! How gorgeous. Everyone involved has done so well!

  4. Karmen says:

    Hej, great pics! We have a bowling club in our country and we would love to use your photos for some promotional materials – could you please send me an email for details about the price etc. Great work! 🙂

  5. The excitement of first love is just too awesome feels good and always it will be very special.

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