Friday Fusions: Engagement shoot ideas … Dancing at Sunset

So this week has been terrible. I’ve been sick (and sleeping) for most of it and haven’t really kept up with my blogs.

Going to write a quick and short blog tonight. A little engagement shoot idea that’s been formulating in my head. Not an original idea but one I think is hard to execute because of the nature of it.

My Love for Dance
I’d love to shoot a scene of a couple dancing. I know that sounds simple and it’s been done before etc-. But I find one of the loveliest most intimate experiences is dancing with someone you love. I first fell in love with ‘partner’ dancing when a friend convinced me to go to a ceroc class. I was 22 at the time and was hooked immediately. For a girl it’s so nice having a guy lead you and I’m sure the guy feels the same way when the girl actually follows (hehe – it took me ages to learn how to follow!).

The magic in spontaneity
Back then I was so hooked on dancing I even learnt a couple of choreographed routines and did a couple of basic performances. But my favourite kind of dancing is the non-choreographed stuff. I like dancing with a guy where the moves are spontaneous and I can’t predict the next sequence of moves. It becomes exciting, challenging and I have to let go of wanting to be in control.

The difficulty capturing emotion in motion … in a still photograph
The problem I see with most of the dance pictures I see of couples is that a) they’re too rigid eg. the guy is dipping the girl in a fancy pose which is rarely natural … and b) the moment of excitement, connection and intimacy is not often captured (it’s tricky capturing fast movements in still photography especially when it comes to dance).

When I watch movies, the most amazing dance scenes are the ones that are spontaneous (or acted as though they are). Even in real life, the dances that I remember the most are the ones that were danced spontaneously. Just imagine how beautiful it would be if you could tell a photographic love story that captured the mood, essence and nature of a couple intimately and freely dancing. To me that would be like capturing gold dust!

Ideas to create the magic moment
A really great photo shoot idea is to capture a couple dancing (spontaneous moves) at sunset in an open field, golden light and perhaps a smoke machine for added effect (I like to throw in things like that). I would definitely bring a loud stero (these days iPod speakers lol) to the set and really create the mood. I would also definitely bring an extra camera to film this shoot – especially for behind the scenes footage! Could be lots of fun!

Anyway, just another engagement shoot idea for you.

Enjoy some of my favourite ‘spontaneous’ dance clips below : ) and yes I know it’s not really spontaneous : )

I can’t say how much I LOVE this scene. If you just want to watch the dancing, skip to 4mins. But trust me, the first few minutes really set up the scene well. Such a great great great scene!

And yes I know this is cheesy but I still love dirty dancing lol. Favourite moment for me happens at 1:50mins.

Ok I probably wouldn’t want to do a photo shoot based on this scene but I had to throw it in cos I love the confident / awkwardness of it LOL

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