Andy & Justine … Love through time and space

***Please read below to make sense of this photo shoot***

I have to confess, this is the hardest shoot I’ve ever had to edit. Most people when they take a photo, they have two looks: one smiling with teeth, one smiling without teeth.

Justine on the other hand seems to look different in almost every shot. In some photos she looks younger, some older, some innocent, some seductive. In this story or in this series of images, to me she’s like a ghost of memories that haunt Andy. None of which are real anymore, yet they linger in his memory and consume him (yes a little weird I know).

It’s like when she’s with him, she morphs herself into these different characters, molds herself into who she thinks she should be (or needs to be in each moment). And us the viewer no longer knows who she really is.

The more I think about it, the stranger I think it is. Initially we thought, we’d make Justine the main character in this ‘movie’ and have Andy floating in the background. But the more and more I look at these images, the more real Andy is and the more lucid Justine becomes. It’s like she’s a ghost from the past (from a completely different era, time and space) and she show’s up in his life / imagination whenever she feels like it and he has no control over it, yet since meeting her he’s fallen in love with her.

The idea of being haunted by a ghost or by memories has been conveyed in so many movies (Just Like Heaven and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are the ones that pop to mind at 6.39am – the time I’m writing this). But I never thought I would be able to capture this ghost like effect in one of my photographic stories. I quite like the strangeness of it all.

I think if you ever want to do something warped, strange or unusual … I’m definitely the person to speak to (hehe). I quite like things that don’t make sense … there’s lots of beauty in that which the mind cannot conceive and only the heart can feel.

Anyway, a strange series of images that I hope lingers and confuses you a little : )

Lost in time and space …

The first encounter …

The first ‘look’

Flirtatious gestures …

Seduction …

Intimacy with a hint of seduction


Not knowing what lies ahead

Waiting again …

Meeting again …

Back to Innocence


Lost again … she lingers alone between time and space … waiting …

Nothing is quite as it seems …

Photographer: David Lau
Art Director: Thaoski
Make Up Artist & Hair: Tammi Nguyen
Location: An old Rothschild Estate

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5 Responses to “Andy & Justine … Love through time and space”
  1. Diane Priestley says:

    Hi Thao,
    Congratulations on your exquisite artistry and astute exploration of love. Interesting interpretation of your photo story.
    Yes, dream-like and elusive. Justine, to me, expresses Hollywood glamour of a bygone era. Like you say simultaneously seductively alluring and sweetly innocent. Her beauty is ethereal and gentle, soft and floaty. Andy brings passion and intensity to the interplay in pursuit of connection.
    Perhaps Justine’s chameleon quality and ability to inhabit any character is a positive attribute for an aspiring actor.
    I remember Nicole Kidman saying she doesn’t know who she really is deep down and is only comfortable playing someone else. To fully grasp the essence of herself while portraying others is the challenge for an actor. Justine will find her inner core. I see it smouldering in her liquid eyes.

    • thaoski says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment – you just made my day! Your writing and description is SO lovely and I can see where Justine get’s her charm and looks from 🙂 I’m so happy to be on this journey with all of you! X

      • Diane Priestley says:

        Hi Thao,
        I am so grateful that you have captured the beauty of our daughter and her man with such sensitivity.
        Thank you. lots of love x

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