Kane and Star … vintage sweethearts who love old cameras and bikes

I’ve been giddy all week thinking about this photo shoot. Each of the photos make me smile, warm and all fuzzy inside 🙂

For me as an art director there are so many things that make a photo shoot great. Having a great team, a great couple and having mother nature love us enough to let her rays shine. This was one of those mornings.

Sometimes I think it’s harder to ‘dress a shoot’ with a few simple props that make a big difference, than it is to use lots really big props (or in some cases too many little ones). I think we got the balance right with this shoot. The props are there and they add sweetness to the photos but they are still very much in the background.

Every thing that needs to be said in this shoot is said subtlety.

…. From the old vintage bikes to the 1965 “Dream Lens” (50mm f/0.95) … (side note: we will be using this camera and lens to shoot film instead of digital for one of our upcoming shoots – stay tuned for that one!).

I think everything in this shoot is as it should be. Even the boring brown residential location adds character in this shoot. I can’t explain it, when something works it works (thanks Team … you made this magic happen!).

More about the couple
Apart from being ridiculously photogenic, Star and Kane really are old vintage sweethearts. They actually own both of the bikes you see in the shoot and the clothes they’re wearing came direct from their wardrobe (obviously from vintage stores). I do however have to mention that the green skirt you see Star wearing was actually a dress and she sewed it into a skirt specifically for this shoot (how sweet is that!!).

I also have mention that the outfits (although came direct from their wardrobe) were put together and styliside by the lovely Madame Moi and all the gorgeous accessories you see are from her stunning boutique (I LURVE working with you Madame Moi!!).

I kind of don’t really want to say anything else about Kane and Star because it’s all said in the photos. Actually, I will say one last thing … Kane and Star remind me of Juicy Fruit chewing gum (original flavour)…. (sorry I know that’s totally random lol) … They’re young, fun, vintage, old school, sweet … and there is something about that’s so unique I can’t quite pin point the flavour … but I’m totally addicted 🙂

PUBLISHED: This photographic love story, was featured on ‘Rock’n Roll Bride’.

Photographer: Darren Wong
Art Director: Thaoski
Stylist & Accessories: Madame Moi
Make Up Artist: Tammi Nguyen
Location: Weavers field, Bethnal Green

A note from the photographer re: the “Dream Lens” (because I know a bunch of you will ask : )
The canon 7 was made in the 1960s. It is a Rangefinder type camera using the old Leica Thread mount. The 50mm f/0.95 is a very fast lens even compared to today’s standard (not fast as in auto-focus … but fast as in the aperture or iris is able to open super wide to let in more light, which creates this super shallow depth of field.

Its Dubbed the Dream Lens as the shallow depth of field is so narrow that not much will be in focus. Hence the Dream like effect.

ps. We used this as one of the props because of Star’s love and interest in photography : )

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11 Responses to “Kane and Star … vintage sweethearts who love old cameras and bikes”
  1. Anna Au says:

    I love it! I want a dream lens now! Rhys incredible! Can’t wait to see it in action on film:)

  2. Diane Priestley says:

    Star truly is a bright shining star full of dazzling exuberance and vivid colour matched by Kane’s freedom-loving hippy look. Together they capture the joy and hope, rebellion and idealism of the 60s. I love their floral gear, the flirty skirt, Kane’s funky vest, the bicycles, the old camera, the urban park. I love their youthful zest. So playful. Sheer delight!

    • thaoski says:

      Yes this shoot has brought a smile to so many faces 🙂 It was also featured on the UK’s #1 wedding blog. Not sure if you saw it because you were in Washington? But I was so excited about getting this featured: http://bit.ly/gSxz7j

  3. Josephine says:

    oh my.oh my. my heart got all squeezed. love this. inspiring. 😛

  4. Erika says:

    This is beautiful Thao! So random but did you find the jewellery for them or did they come to you wanting to use specific accessories?

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  8. Mas houve ali um consenso que deixou a ideia de ponto final em relação a tudo o que poderia ser gravíssimo.E, para quem está de fora, como é o meu caso e de outras pessoas que estavam cá e assistiram, é que parece uma loucura uma coisa gravíssima poder ser brincadeira e quem achou que era gravíssima poder ser um brincalhão.Ou vice versa. A única credibilidade que todos garantiram era a do estatuto de quem pode determinar que sim ou que não.

  9. I also share the idea of diversity being a very important value, and I hope this groupp will be strong enough to not stop itself on the half way…….. I wish them lots of work and fun to achieve their goals:)!

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