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“Film making is problem solving”

That was the motto we had at the end of the 48hour Go Green film challenge last weekend. The number of things that can go wrong is unbelievable. It was like we were Jack Bauer from the TV series 24, always making the best decision based limited resources and time we had (ok maybe not that dramatic but you get the drift).

This is the first short film I’ve worked on and it’s really taught me 3 things: Patience. Faith. Teamwork.

  1. Patience because the amount of ‘waiting around time’ is unbelievable. Everyone on set has their specific role and most of the time you can’t do your role until someone else (usually 5 other people) does theirs.
  2. Faith that a) everyone knows what they’re doing b) that everyone is awesome at it and c) the film will come together despite all technical glitches.
  3. But of the three, teamwork is the one that stood out the most for me. Only when you are united as a team do things come together. And even if things don’t come together, only as a team can you truly get through it.

There were some really scary moments (read Tereas’s story below for more info) but at one stage I really did have to consider … what if this video does not get uploaded? or does not qualify? “But look at what a great team we had”. I know it sounds so cliche but when you are in an intense creative problem solving environment with limited resources, your team quickly become your family and they are what drives you to the finish line. And without them there is nothing. Go Team! : )

ps. I was so excited when Teresa Churcher (the co-writer, Director and Producer) offered to contribute to this weeks post. You can read the crazy ‘up and down story’ behind the film making.

“There’s a reason why the last time we did this was over 2 years ago” I said to my co-writer Roanna Dalziel last Sunday morning at 7am whilst she was slumped face down on my kitchen table. “It’s because that is just long enough to think that the 48 Hour Film Challenge is a good idea again’.

I first entered the ‘48 Hour’ as a happy accident in late September 2008 as co-producer and leading actress. I vowed never to produce a film again. Yet when a random email from the 48 Go Green team caught my attention in the first week of January this year, I was off again. I wanted to direct this time not star in it, however to get the whole thing off the ground I needed to make it happen. I needed to produce it.

Many phone calls and emails later I had a wonderful cast of actors, some talented and enthusiastic crew and a couple of local pub locations on ‘stand-by’. The fun and real challenge of this project is that you cannot plan, write or shoot anything beforehand (even if you were allowed to) as they give you the theme, character, line of dialogue and prop you have to use at the start and then you have just 48 hours to write,
shoot and edit a film between 4- 6 minutes long. (Plus an extra 30 minutes to upload it but the ‘48 And a Half Hour Challenge’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it).

Friday 18th February
7.00pm We were emailed the following:
Eco Theme: Save the Environment
Character: G. Verde, Government Employee (Male or Female)
Line: Right Here Right Now
Prop: Pen
Genre: Own choice

Saturday 19th February
We finished the script at 1.30am and the crew and actors started arriving at 7am. Soon we were all in creative flow and ideas about creating You Tube channels and doing our news interview outside the houses of Parliament were in full swing. We used a nearby pub cellar which is closed for renovation for our ‘dungeon’ scene which our Director of Photography, Harpall Kaura lit beautifully and a nearby square for our kidnap scene where we caught on hidden camera a woman nicking the phone our female lead, Justine Priestley, drops on the ground when she is napped

within seconds of her disappearing. She didn’t even use it to notify anyone that she’d just witnessed a young woman being dragged off into a car by Camberwell’s answer to Men in Black. Charming.

Sunday 20th February
We hot-footed it up to Westminster where our editor, Kieron Brennan, an experienced news cameraman got some great ‘news footage’ of our actors before Paul Churcher, aka Mr Bleu, whisked the terrified DOP off on the back of his scooter to get our fab opening London shots. The afternoon saw us hit with all sorts of technical issues whilst we edited (that fun had started on Friday night when the editor’s laptop and editing suite were given a very large drink of water by his four year old daughter) and when we finally got through those and ready to upload our film we lost internet connection! We finally got our film in at 6.58pm with a mere 32 minutes to go before disqualification. Just prior to this I floated into the kitchen, donned some marigolds and started washing up. I guess I couldn’t find a brown paper bag to breathe into.

So, see you all in another two years?

pps. And of course we took some behind the scene photos of the cast and crew.

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