Jose & Paulina | Engagement shoot in an amusement fun park

You might remember Jose & Paulina from the shoot we did with the old steam train. What you don’t know is that we actually shot at two different locations that day. The train station during the day and a random amusement park at night.

The day shoot went by so quickly. Location was superb and weather great for what we wanted (we wanted light rain). I think we did the whole shoot in about 45 minutes with all the shots I wanted captured. We were on a roll and I loved the way the day was going.

And then night came and so did my nightmare. Rain started to fall heavily, the weather dropped to ridiculous temperatures, our flash broke which meant there wasn’t enough light and there wasn’t anywhere with shelter where we could hide (technical nightmare!). The only way we could take photos of the couple is if they stood directly next to the lights at the game stands. Although it was a logistical nightmare but I’m so glad we continued with the shoot because we managed to capture so real loving fun moments.

Moral of the story, despite whatever goes wrong technically , the most important thing is the couple are having fun! So long as they’re having fun (and so are you)… you’re going to get some great shots! Despite being cold and wet it’s probably one of my most memorable shoots for that very reason.

More about couple

Paulina wanted to shoot another ‘scene’ to really contrast the steam train shoot. The steam train shoot was a little sad and serious and it really highlighted Jose’s sensitive side (the side he usually hides). With Paulina on the other hand, by default and in real life, she is a fun, bubbly positive person who is always always always laughing. She’s Mexican and totally full of heart and sou and that is what we wanted to show case here. I’m sure you’ll agree, her smile just lights up every shot!

Photographer: Darren Wong
Art Director: thaoski
Location: Random amusement park in the middle of nowhere. England.

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6 Responses to “Jose & Paulina | Engagement shoot in an amusement fun park”
  1. Thao, I think these pics are just gorgeous. You’re very talented!

  2. kewpie says:

    i love a happy carnival… looks like they really enjoyed themselves. kudos to Darren for managing the lighting…

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