Tin Hearts

What I love most about London is the random way you meet people and the random way you’re connected to everyone. Despite being a city with a gajjillion people, in some round about way, everyone is only a few steps removed.

The random way people meet in London
When I was in Thailand, David called me and said he had another band to shoot and asked me to come along. Then I get a call from one of my bosses and he tells me to I need to meet up with a guy named Tom because I need get some film footage from him.

I meet Tom and it turns out I’ve met him before as he’s one of Justine’s friend.

He talks to me about a photo shoot he’s doing on the weekend. He tells me the photographer is really good. I asked ‘how did you meet him? … He answers, on the set of “Life Just Is”.

It’s just such a small small world sometimes. Of course I then proceeded to tell him that I know David and that I initially introduced him to to Alex Barret (the director of ‘Life Just Is’). Turns out David was such a BIG hit on set, all these other photo opportunities are coming his way (good job David!).

Anyway, to cut a long story short, we had about 30 mins to shoot the band (it was just before they were about to go on stage). We did it on Oxford Street on a Saturday night with all the busy xmas shoppers! I’ve never seen David shot in such a busy place before but I think the effect was well worth it!

Tin Hearts have been playing together for the last 12 months and are quickly building a following in London. Their last gig for 2010 is coming up next week, Wednesday December 22 (Dublin Castle). You can get all the information you need on their facebook page.

Hope you like these photos and hope to see you at one of their gigs! Enjoy : )

Band: Tin Hearts | Lydia, Ali, Tom & Matt
Photographer: David Lau
Location: Oxford Street

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  1. Wow! I love the first image. The color and movement is amazing!


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