Garry & Van | Autumn inspired post wedding shoot with wellies!

With the risk of having my blog looking like an online shrine for Van and Garry, I’m going to post one last shoot I did for them a couple of weeks ago.

It’s the final shoot that marks the end of this online saga and it also marks the beginning of what I know will be a wonderful marriage.

I feel a strange sense of ‘completion’ and ‘transition’ as I post this (oxymoron I know). I feel complete because I know Van loves autumn colours and she always wanted an autumn shoot for her engagement. Timing didn’t work out so I feel complete now that we were able to shoot the beautiful autumn colours with her wedding dress.

I feel a sense of transition because that is what autumn reminds me of. The changing of the colours, the changing of the seasons (it probably doesn’t help that I’m moving out of my house tomorrow). There is something majestic about seeing nature transform and change colour. It’s like it’s God’s way of reminding me there are many things out of my control, so slow down and appreciate what’s here before it’s gone (because it certainly isn’t going to last forever).

What I love about Van and Garry is that they always seem to be in the moment appreciating each other. I love hanging out with them because life is simple, fun and easy and they like autumn, remind me to enjoy myself and appreciate what’s in front of me (damn accumulators and traders!).

Although this is technically a ‘trash the wedding dress shoot’ … I think the photos are too romantic and dreamy to call it that. I have to acknowledge Van though … she was wearing her wedding dress in the middle of November in London (ie. we’re talking 5 degrees celsius or lower!). Both the photographer and I were wearing down jackets when we were shooting this. There was mud everywhere and the ground was absolutely freezing cold!

Despite all the above, Van still looks gorgeous and together with Garry, they are still as quirky as ever!


ps. To see more pics, go to the facebook album on thaoski

PUBLISHED: This photographic love story, was featured on ‘OMG I’m Getting Married’ wedding blog.

To see more pics, go to the facebook album on thaoski

Photographer: Darren Wong
Art Director: Thaoski
Location: Epping Forest, London UK
Dress: Beauty by Caroline Castigliano

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9 Responses to “Garry & Van | Autumn inspired post wedding shoot with wellies!”
  1. Tori Pham says:

    I heart Autumn, most romantic season…

  2. Alma Roux says:

    WOW, that’s amazing photos! Think the one of you guys sitting in the tree is my favourite!

    Really stunning 🙂

  3. Wasewi Shawl says:

    I love love love these pictures they are so amazing, every single one of them I can see myself in them!! I think if a pictures have the capability to pull you in and cause you to experience the moment captured is amazing, which truely makes you a very talented photgrapher. Thank you for displaying your work 🙂

    • thaoski says:

      Hi Wasewi, thanks for your sweet comments and I’m so glad you were moved by the pictures 🙂 Darren (the photographer) is very talented and I love working with him to create these amazing moments. Keep checking in as I’ve got some really exciting shoots to come! : (

  4. Kimberly says:

    I absolutely love your dress!!! Mind if I ask who the designer is?

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