taking a leap of faith to micro-niche

I had a HUGE revelation this weekend.

I was running Dan’s Social Media weekend as part of our ‘Key Person of Influence’ program and by just being in the room I am subconsciously forced (actually I should say luckily forced) to take on some of his tips and hints about Social Media.

Dan spent the first morning talking about the importance of being crystal clear on our message and he encouraged us to be authentic 3 dimensional human beings online (which I love!). He also asked us a lot of valuable questions and challenged us to define our micro-niche. This is when I started to struggle.

I’m not actually clear on my micro-niche. The photo shoots and art directing started out as hobby and I’ve let the road take me where ever it wants to go. Problem is … whenever someone would ask me if I wanted to direct ABC, I would say yes. Or if they asked me if I wanted to be involved in photo shoot XYZ, I would also say yes. Regardless of the industry or type of shoot … fashion, music, weddings, film, portraiture … I would say yes to everything. I was just excited to have the opportunity to learn.

The dilemma
The problem I now have is a) I’m confused with what I want to do because I keep saying yes to everything and b) If I choose a micro-niche it would mean a lot of the ‘other’ opportunities will stop coming my way. I’m scared the opportunities to learn will stop and this freaks me out because to be honest, a part of me is happy to do anything and everything to gain valuable experience.

So what’s a girl to do?

I’m going to take a leap of faith. Fear tells me micro-niching is dangerous. But I trust Dan. I’ve worked with him for 4 years (I just realised that’s an all time record for me!). Micro-niching is like telling the world what you stand for. What you want in life and what you don’t want. Who you want to work with and who you don’t want to work with. So why is it so damn scary??? Because what if my micro-niche is isn’t big enough?! What if I loose everything and all the opportunities as a result of micro-niching?! What if others judge my micro-niche as being irrelevant and insignificant? What if I can’t make it in my micro-niche? GAHHH silly self-worth issues always have a way of creeping in!

So I’m going to have to take risk and do what feels counter intuitive. With blind guided faith… and trust that a part of growing means feeling uncomfortable … I’m going to create an “About” thaoski page that openly declares what I stand for. Who I ONLY want to work and why. This page will be refined over time but for now, it already says more than what I am comfortable with sharing.

Click here to read the ‘About’ page and if you have been reading and following my blog, please join the thaoski facebook fan page. I’d love to see you on there : )

ps. I love this photo I found on Annfda’s tumblr blog. I’m going to sprinkle a bit of faith into my world and hope a little magic comes my way …

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