Garry & Van | Sweet engagement shoot in a yellow field of flowers

I’m leaving Sydney today and feeling a little sentimental.

I like to think I’ve reached a stage in my life where I embrace change easily and that I don’t hold onto things the way I use to. But my 2 nephews are too damn cute and I’ve spent so much time with them over the last two weeks, I feel really sad saying goodbye.

So as strange as it sounds, they have inspired me to post these photos up.

This photo shoot is the first shoot I worked on (kind of by default) because I wanted to do something special for my good friends Garry and Van. I organised this engagement shoot for them and it’s a bright and happy one : )

I hope it brings a smile to your face and brightens up your day too (even if you’re already having a good one).


  • All the props you see came from my house (except Garry’s guitar and thai cushions).
  • The ‘bed head’ is actually the end of a bed because the bead head was too big.
  • Did you see the old film projector? It’s a real one and the film rolls you see are also real!
  • The tall yellow fields you see are called “Rapeseed fields” and are used to create cooking oil.
  • The inspiration of the shoot came from the many engagement shoots found on GWS
  • Garry and Van (and those that know them will appreciate this) purchased all their outfits on the day of the shoot! We were running around like crazy but it was so worth it!

Photographer: Anna Au of MOO & Au Snippets
Location: Random yellow fields in London. If you want to roughly know where we went, msg me and I’ll try and explain where we found the fields.

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4 Responses to “Garry & Van | Sweet engagement shoot in a yellow field of flowers”
  1. Anne Scott says:

    Love it Thao – looks like you are loving life at the moment. Anne xx

  2. stephanie says:

    hi. im interested to know where is the canola field that you went. is it in london/outskirt of london? will it still be around in june and how can i get there? thanks!

    • thaoski says:

      Hi Stephanie, the yellow fields are normally around from April to early June. They’re all across the English countryside so we just drove around until we found one (you’ll see them everywhere).

      If you’re not here until late June / early July then you might want to consider a lavender filed. They bloom in the summer – I’ve got some locates here:

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