Sometimes … ‘Life Just Is’

I really don’t know where this road will take me.

I don’t see how I can make money from this little hobby of mine. I don’t see a career change coming up any time soon. And I definitely don’t see myself as an aspiring wedding photographer or someone aspiring to break into the wedding industry.

Most people are shocked when I say this because I love to shoot and work with couples who are engaged. I love the in-between stage that happens before marriage. It takes a lot of courage for a couple to take the plunge and I think naturally so many emotions and insecurities come up during this stage and I want to capture this unexplainable happy and scary phase before ‘happy ever after’.

You’ve all had your heart broken before finding Mr. or Mrs. Right and even if you are married to your first love, you would have been through so many trials and tribulations before marriage. I love love stories that make us grow and challenge who we are … so we eventually come back to knowing ourselves better.

They’re the stories I want to capture and tell.

The more I do this work the more I’m realising all I want to do is tell stories (real ones and ‘fake’ ones). In my writing, in my photographs and in everything I do. I want to know the stories of the people around me so I can inspire others with their story.

So where does this leave me?
I spoke with David one of my photographers last month and we had a ‘maybe moment’ together. He asked me where do I want to take this work considering ‘on the day wedding shoots’ do not inspire me. I answered … “maybe film … because all films tell a story”. He liked the idea and we both said … “wouldn’t it be cool if maybe our work lead us to films”. It was a maybe moment. Actually it was half a maybe moment because we didn’t even think about where and how we would fit into film.

But like I said in my previous post, ‘maybe moments’ have a way of creeping up on you.

The unexpected …
On the 1st October (at Garry and Van’s wedding) I received a call from my good friend Justine asking if I would be interested in doing the press shots and stills for a micro-budget independent feature film called ‘Life Just Is’. My heart felt like it had stopped beating and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Of course I jumped at the chance!

Two days later I was on the phone to the producer Tom Stuart who sent me the script that same day (great script!). Ten days later (the night before I left London – 14th Oct) David and I met the writer and director Alex Barrett to discuss the possibilities of working together. That was just last week!. And literally four days later they started shooting the film and David has been on and off set shooting ever since (this all started on Monday 18 Oct earlier this week).

Sometimes if you accept life just as it is … the most extraordinary things come.
I have been receiving updates from David every night and have been editing photos all week. Although I wish I could be there on set with him I know I’m in the right place (ie. here in Sydney with my family).

So here I am … speechless again. I feel very blessed and fortunate we are working with Alex who is not only incredibly talented (David raves about how meticulous he is as a Director and how he see’s things from so many angles) … but he is also so open to sharing the journey of the film with us.

‘Life Just Is’ is a story about 6 graduates dealing with the ups and downs of life. They’re all coping in their own way and learning to accept life and each other just as they are … just as life is.

I highly recommend you follow the journey of this film. It’s very rare for a director and producer to be so open to sharing the journey of a film with us (thanks Alex & Tom!). You can watch behind the scene videos, meet the cast, find out what inspires Alex and even see the rehearsals!

It’s so strange … every night David sends me pictures of the cast and crew and even though I have not physically met them in person (except Alex, Tom & Yosuke) … I feel like I’m getting to know them all of them through these images and video blogs.

Below are some of my favourite behind the scene images of some of the cast but mainly the crew … I wanted to feature them because it’s their vision, hard work and endless hours that glues together the performances of the cast.

You can find out all about Life Just Is on:

I’ll be updating my blog more and more about ‘Life Just Is’ as their film making journey unfolds.

Photographer: David Lau
Location: London

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6 Responses to “Sometimes … ‘Life Just Is’”
  1. Kristie West says:

    I’m very inspired by your ‘maybe moments’ that seem to be taking you so far so very fast. And love the new blog look!

    • Gina says:

      You can always tell an expert! Thanks for conuirbtting.

    • http://www./ says:

      There’s a secret about your post. ICTYBTIHTKY

    • Ah….Costanza!!!!! O que dizer!!!!!Que emoçao!!!!Para mim uma verdadeira delcaraçao de amor!!!!!Que mulher maravilhosa!!!! Ja’ havia dito a voce^ que ela faz parte da minha paixao pela moda desde a minha pre’-adolesce^ncia quando descobri a revista Moda Brasil!!!Me emocionei lendo esta entrevista e obrigada por compartilhar a tua grande mamae com todos no’s!!!!!p.s.: entre Paul Newman e Robert Redford, ai ai, pareo duro!!!!!!!! Amo os dois Un bacione cara Consuelo

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