Garry & Van … the happy quirky couple

You always make time for what you love.

That’s the first thing that came to mind when I woke up this morning. I’m not a morning person. I usually sleep around 2am. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later but very rarely do I get up early.

But today was different. I’m flying out tonight (to Sydney) and I wanted to write one last post before I go. My alarm went off in the middle of a really good dream (hate that!) and I was about to roll over and go back to sleep … but then I thought ‘no, I actually really want to write about Garry & Van’. So here I am in bed typing in the dark : )

It seems to be quite common these days for couples who live abroad to have 2 weddings. One in their home country and another in the city the live in. Garry & Van will be having their ‘real ceremony’ in Thailand on the 1st November but they had their legal ceremony (to sign all the paperwork) earlier this month on the 1st October in London.

They weren’t actually planning on having a big celebration in London. Initially the ceremony was organised for 4 people. The couple and 2 witnesses. But about 10 days prior they sent out a last minute invite and they were shocked 50 people RSVP’d to say they’d come (they were expecting only 8 to reply yes). London is a busy place. People are usually booked up weeks in advance. To get 50 of your closest friends at the last minute is a pretty damn good achievement.

But like I said … people make time for what they love.

They cancel things, they move things around, they leave work early, they rush from the ceremony to the airport … when it’s important to them, they’re there. I think it’s a real testament to the friendships Garry & Van have created in London. Even my work mates who have only met them a handful of times love them to bits even though they like to say ‘garry’s gay’ (just because it sounds funny).

I often see Garry & Van like one those couples who are considered the ‘glue’ within and between groups. They make time for everyone and connect with everyone they meet and they truly get to know people properly (not just the surface stuff you often get in London). Everyone loves them because they’re just one of those couples that are always fun to be around.

What makes Garry & Van so great …
What the people at the wedding don’t know is … the moment everyone left the hotel that night, the first thing they asked me was … “How do you think the night went? Did everyone have fun?” … a few days later I get an email from Garry “Seriously in your honest opinion, How do you think the night went? … Did everyone have fun?”.

And it’s not Garry’s insecurities that are kicking in … it’s his concern and love for his friends. And I think as a couple they are exactly the same. It was their wedding day and they didn’t really care about the dress, the outfit, the boutique, the rings (which were all picked up, purchased and in some cases altered on the day of the wedding!) the photographer, the location (although the Mayfair Suite was stunning), the food, the cake (what cake? they only had cake because a guest bought one lol) … all that mattered to them was the people they were with.

Some weddings are most remembered by the location, the theme, the food, the setting, the atmosphere, the props … but you could take everything away from that day and just leave the people … and still Garry & Van would of had the time of their life! This was definitely one of those weddings where not only love was celebrated … but friendships were also shared. I made a lot of new friends that night and I can tell by all the facebook adding … so did a lot of other people!

Thanks Garry and Van … by bringing your love together, you’ve brought all your friends closer. And I can’t wait to Thailand to make some new ones : )

ps. Because you guys are such a quirky couple, here are some random quirky polariods from the day : )

garry and van

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5 Responses to “Garry & Van … the happy quirky couple”
  1. Carolyn Lowe says:

    Well done, another beautiful post! It’s definitely true that people will make time for the things that matter most in life. You’ve led by example through your 2am post!! 😉

    It’s pretty evident how Gu & Van bring out the love in everyone around them, just look at those amazing smiles! 🙂 Also very touching is how much their friendship means to you, it shines throughout your post.

    Always love your choice of words and how you stream everything in wonderfully. The photo collage speaks volumes. Thanks for sharing the event with those who weren’t there!!

    PS: Thx also for taking those risks to inspire others to become better! 🙂

  2. kewpie says:

    congrats van and garry! see u in Krabi! looking forward to meeting you too, Thao!

  3. Angela Yee says:

    Great blog Thao! Thanks for sharing!

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