Steve & Viv | Engagement shoot in sweet lavender fields

When I look at this photo shoot there is is only one thing that comes to mind:


The lavender season only lasts 2-3 months a year and I pretty much waited the whole summer for it to start blooming. I actually had another couple scheduled to shoot in the lavender field in early June but the summer was late and despite our constant rescheduling (I was literally checking every week to see if the buds had opened) it just didn’t work out and we had to let it the idea go.

Three weeks later Steve and Viv wanted to do a shoot but we didn’t have a location. I put forward the lavender concept and idea and literally 5 days later we were on the lavender field shooting.

A short month later the lavender field was closed.

It seems really strange that when I look at a sad engagement shoot like Sean & Emma’s I see lots of love and when I see a happy shoot like this one I feel a sense of loss (don’t worry I don’t understand me either!). I waited all summer for the lavender fields to bloom and before I knew it, it was gone.

When I look at this shoot I really miss the sweet scent of lavender at sunrise. I miss the sound of huge jumbo bees buzzing away. I miss the morning mist that coated the lavender field and I miss the tranquil silence we had that morning. There was so much magic and beauty that day that l would love to relive and I’m a little sad that I have to wait another 10 months before I can visit the farm again.

I’m just so happy we were able to capture these romantic fairy tale moments on camera for Steve and Viv. They look so in love and I know whenever they look at these pictures, they will be reminded of the sweet fairy tale moments they shared in the lavender field.

Perhaps my sense of loss today has been influenced by the cold weather that is now hitting London. We have a long winter ahead of us and I wasn’t ready for summer to be over. I’m never ready for good things to end. So happy photos like these make me both happy and sad. Happy the moment happened and sad the moment has passed. I’m just not sure which one wins.

At least I know no matter what happens winter will eventually pass and summer will always come back. I guess it’s what I make of the moments in between that matter. Thank goodness I’m surrounded by great friends because without them, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy either.

I’m dedicating this post to all the people who have made my 2010 summer amazing. You all know who you are : ) We’ve had great summer together and now I’m ready to snowboard with you in winter! : )

This last photo is actually my favourite of the bunch (yes I’m serious!). You need to click on it or make it full screen to appreciate it. When I look at the statue, it’s like it’s talking to me (or perhaps it represents me). Surrounded by beauty and looking up at the heavens for inspiration. Blissfully enjoying the moment but there is a sense of being alone. It’s not a good thing or a bad thing. It’s just what is in this moment.


Photographer: Anna Au of MOO & Au Snippets
I didn’t direct this shoot but I came up with the concept, location and prop ideas. Another collaboration I am very proud of : )
Location: Mayfield Lavender Farm, London

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